Friday, May 6, 2011

Best behaviour please..

He doesn't just follow anyone you know... 

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the stats speak for themselves.

Real life Twits image capture from my Twits!

Let me please introduce my latest Twitter follower the Prime Minister of my country - Mr John Key.

And because I'm an Interior designer....his home:


How did I get so famous I hear you ask?  Well it was at the Sumner School Hall Opening (big time I know)

He spoke so well and told an extremely amusing story that involved crocodiles, marriage and one million dollars... Had to be there I guess.  Had the crowd riveted.  

He actually brought a tear to my eye and when he asked if we were all ok after the earthquake I really felt like he was speaking to me directly - Hug?  

Great day for Sumner School and for AFD.  I'm going places people I tell you - and just think, you were all there when it first started (you can say you knew me ok).

God of nations peeps.

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  1. How fabulous! Can't say I can get a handle on tweeting, I've got my work cut out juggling FB and blog. Hats off to you. Bet you would jump at the opportunity to have a go at his house. I guess being in Zest this week doesn't trump you?