Friday, September 16, 2011

GPPF: 1st Dibs and Rachel Callaghan

Bah - A week since posting.  Many sorry's.  It's been madness here at Camp Fulton.

Back to business.

My good peep o' the day is Rachel Callaghan - she scouted out some goodness that I just have to pass on.

She found this post from Blue Fruits

The project was designed by Architects: Studio mk27 Marcio Kogan 

Container are "so hot right now" here in Christchurch so it's great to see such innovation.

Good prod was from 1st Dibs.  They pop up in my inbox and tempt me on a regular basis.  It's unfair and unkind as they are usually out of my price range and on the other side of the stinkin' world.  Here are just a sample of favs.

Organic Settee by Torbjorn Afdal

Hans Due Optima Mini Pendants for Fog + Morup

Mid Century Danish Modern "Papa Bear" Chair by Hans Wegner

Scandinavian Tray Tables

Swedish ceiling light with opal glass shade

70's Big Flower Pot hanging lights by Vernor Panton

Poul Dinesen Bench

That's some good looking peeps and prods right there.


  1. I spotted this in Rachel's side bar and thought I recognised the image! How things get around! Haha! It's so colourful and happy, a really clever design for a retail spot.

    I see you love colour yourself, looking around your blog. Nice and bright!

  2. Ahhh yes the wonderful world of web! Thanks for getting in touch! Alex