Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love it or hate it: Petitcollin Pop Lamp

Well, I LOVE it.  So much so I have one.  I got it a while back at IkoIko in Wellington.  I remember it was quite pricey but I can't remember how muchie.

I get many reactions, mostly negative I have to say, so I wanted to ask what you think?

Here's mine in situ.

Yes that is the lamp cord....

It's made by the french traditional doll maker Petitcollin (est 1860).  
For such a established company that has made dolls and baby for generations, I think they have stepped outside the 'boite' which is very commendable.

And stepped out they did.  Available in pink, orange, blue, nude (hehe), and green.


  1. I like! But hey... I'm the kind of person who bought her partner a gummy bear nightlight for Christmas complete with gummybear wheatbag and too many lollies! Love the lights that IkoIko stocks - next purchase will be the rabbit!

  2. Bet it looks cool at night when it's turned on - I like it , I need to stay away from iko iko - hankering after one of those paper mâché deer heads and the melamine budgie plates ... the list goes on!

    1. Yes it looks super-cool at night...! Ikoiko is great, I was eying up that deer-head for my collection and also the wee fake deers....And you can buy online. Dangerous!

  3. I love them too, I got my wife a blue one for Christmas a few years ago and liked it so much we decided to sell them on our web site just got the most recent Petit Collin catalogue and they are not in there, so I suspect they have been discontinued, get one while you can!