Friday, May 4, 2012

Shop it up: Flock Design Store

Of all the bloody rotten luck...  Not content with surviving 9000 zillion earthquakes, this little design store had a feckin' car drive right in it.  

Talk about the little shop that could!  And does. 

I have spoken of Flock before and I will again as Emma stocks choice wares which I love.  

Hot off the press are the range of giant worry-beads from Fredericks and Mae.  If that sounds familiar it's because it is - I spoke of the terriff arrows they make back in this post.

These worry beads are mega and mighty and I just love... a lot.  So does my design twin Charlie for that matter which is no surprise to anyone that knows us both.

It was tricky to choose and in the end I went for kelly-green/black/white/yellow combo. (Not pictured).
That's friday love right there that is.

Oh and who spotted the fine range of neck-laces from clever trevor Emily Green?  Oh yes she's there too.

Emily Green Necklaces in all their fluro-colourful glory

Happy shopping flock focker folks.


  1. I spotted the necklaces and LOVE them!

  2. Do they have the arrows too? Heading to CHCH this weekend so will have to pop out for a squizz.

    1. Did you get there Alice? They do have some arrows left...