Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hungry for Design? Yummmmo..

Love a good crossover and it always makes me proud as punch when a fav designers/companies ventures into a new arena.  Check these puppies out:

Go Donna go!  Donna Wilson is best known for knitted creatures but now you can eat them!  Gotta say it - what a clever cookie!
Japanese department store - Isetan stock them for a limited time only.  Oh so beautiful...

image from donnawilsonblog

Yes those are edible.

Speaking of food and design - check out the new cookbook from IKEA

images from todayandtomorrow

The cookbook is called “Hembakat är Bäst” (Homemade is Best). Carl Kleiner was asked to shoot the recipes. The styling of the ingredients by Evelina Bratell, looks great.

While we are on Carl Kleiner - he is another clever chappy with food

Images from Carl Kleiner
Right.  I'm off for lunch.

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