Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Suited to the Suita from Vitra

There is every chance I would sell a child for this lounge suite (that would leave me with one junior-burger left to "play with") 
It ticks all my lounging boxes with correct amounts of oooh's and ahhhh's.  The mixture of white and colour - just perfecto.

At this angle, masterful

...yes, this angle too.  Helllllooooo owl cushie - can I have you please?

Yes, I see you can do dichromatic and still look stunning

I don't normally go the beige way but yes you even look amazing in neutrals.  That tie-dyed rug is the shiz.

New technology in sofa's - now with pop-up pillows!

playful in yella

and multi talented too - yes you look good in anything.  You are a clothes horse in the sofa world

Images from Captivatist
I'll take it!

Vitra is available in NZ from Cite Furniture Solutions in Auckland or you can always get them through moi!

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