Monday, December 20, 2010

Dine by Design 2010 - Peoples choice award!

Well it's done...!

I've done a photo library from set-up to take down.

All that hard work, time and effort - it was all worth it...

....and guess what,  I WON "The peoples choice award"

So proud.

Also so proud of my good mate Charles who won the judges award.  We clever.

There are a million helpers that helped so thank you all (see photo of thank-you's)

Hardworking hands (mine).  The start of a very colourful story!

Trev and Nathan - my hardworking boys!  

The work-horse, my kombi.

Beej: classy painter and Nathan: best applier of  wall stickers

The room starting to get there - amazing finally seeing what was in my head for 9 months - I'm birthing my room! 
Setting un table

Lucy's peppermill (used to be a quiet shade of baby blue ).  That's a true mate.

Just about there... just needs something else - I know!  Paint water in the glasses!!

Ahhh that's better!

Different angle - Wood is responsible for those darling buds of gay.  Perfecto.

Can you believe that some drunk basssstard opened a present.  Suprise - thin air.  Looser.

Frazzled but happy 

My thank-yous.

Packing down - boo.
Those chairs... pure joy.

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