Thursday, October 6, 2011

Don't rush the good wood: Y'a pas le feu au lac

Merde! I'm blown away daily but the clever people out there.  

Today's find is a frenchie company dedicated to good wood.

Y'a pas le feu au lac or YALFAL to their mates was started by hubbo and wife team, Grégory and Marie BODEL and FX BALLÉRY, designer. 

Their passion for creation, their love of wood as well as their Jura origins gathered them around a common project: to create a French brand of wooden contemporary, useful and elegant objects and small pieces of furniture.

The name of the company, which is based on a French expression, means “no need to rush”. Created by designers around the world the YPLFL products are an invitation to take your time, to contemplate your environment and to share with friends.

Inspired by traditional know-how and current technology, these objects primarily use wood as a poetic, aesthetic and functional vector.

It's all great, lovely, stylie etc but still leaves me with a "wish I had thought of that" moment.

Only slightly jealous or should I say légèrement jaloux.

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