Monday, October 3, 2011

Online love: Presse Papiers

Stationary always brightens one's day and you can get your fix right here online at 

A New Zealand based online stationary store that has beautiful and affordable yummyness - letter writing packs, wrapping supplies, MT washi tape, stickers, party invites and MORE!

It's also their 1st birthday so go and help them celebrate (go in their birthday giveaway!)

Many happy's Charlotte and Olivia - keep up the great work!


  1. HI Alex. OMG loving the Presse Papiers site. Have some pear and apple pads winging their merry way to me as we speak. You good scouter-outer you!! Cheers, Rachel C.

    ps New overzealous security settings not letting me leave my google name. Weird.

  2. Ahh yes - I had to make a purchase too! Butterfly rainbow pads... Purrrrtty.