Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bright Sparks:

The bright and sparky of interiors often get spoke about here at AFDHQ but it's not oft that I talk accessories of the hair/body/feet kind.  

I'm about too. caught my eye in a magpie way.  It's bits are shiny, bright and lovely and in their words say "Hey, you there, check me out, I'm cool".  They will be my words too when my clip-on shoe red hearts arrive on my door step!

.and yes they deliver world-wide.

Find them also on Twittie, Facie, Pinnie and Instie


  1. Like the shoe hearts but I love those silver shoes - I want! A little bit of bling never hurts .

    1. Correct Crafty! I would love a pair of the brogues too!!