Thursday, December 6, 2012

Going to: Blog Shop - Sydney

Twas the night before traveling...

I've just felt like I've only just touched down, my feet hardly touching the ground, and off I go again!  Fun though and very exciting.

I'm off to BLOGSHOP.  Yes - THE BLOGSHOP with blogger and photographer extraordinaires - Bri Emery and Angela Kohler respectively.

Far from actually believing that I will be living and breathing bloggy-stuff for all of the whole weekend, all in lovely Syders.  Not that I will get to see much of her.

Fresh batch of bis cards - check
Photoshop downloaded - check
Bright clothes - check (always)
Sparkly demeanor - check
Nerd/Hipster hat - check
Butterflies - triple check

I will know not a soul and most probably be the only kiwi in amongst a room full of Aussies...but I will do you proud my friends, and will proudly pronounce my 6's and take pride in projecting my 'Fish and Chips'.  

See you on the other side!
(Flashing my GIFs and WACOM's at cha!)

Love this vid too - featuring the girls from from the last post!

All images posted are from BlogShop Facebook


  1. Have fun Alex. I'm sure you'll learn heaps, looking forward to hearing how you went. x

    1. Thanks Vic. Kinda daunting meeting such blog gurus - but going to be amazing! Might even try to pop into the new Marimekko shop too if I have time!!!

  2. great to meet you yesterday - looking forward to another fun day! x