Sunday, April 21, 2013

Good Prod and Giveaway: Motherscout

I got to meet Nicky from Motherscout on a recent Auckland trip.  Lucky me.

It's a great story - a story of a collection.  My favourite kind of story.

Nicky has been collecting Mother badges for a while, and now she has over 60 of these amazing pieces.  They are beautiful.  They are all shapes and sizes, colours and details and she displays them in beautiful black velvet jewelry boxes.  She had to explain to me what a Mother Badge was.

Mother Badges date back to early last century and were especially popular in the 1950's.  They were usually given as a symbol of motherly love, but sadly these days they are "pieces of junk".  Nicky's collection grew over the past few years, adding to it while she was based overseas as well as in NZ.

She sees them as more than a collection of worthless junk - they are amazing little individual symbols that grouped together are "like artwork".

This 'artwork' concept lead her to thinking outside of the square and wondering if they should be photographed for sharing.  A new product idea was born.

Motherscout has used the professionally taken images and made them into a series of Cards and Swing-tags.

 They are stunning and I have a pack to give away to one of my lucky readers.  
The pack contains x3 cards and x6 swing tags.
Perfect for Mothers Day (which is coming up here in NZ on Sunday the 12th May) or any time you want to celebrate mothers.

I will make the draw next Monday the 27th April 2013.

To enter please comment here on the blog or my facebook page and tell me your favourite things about your Mum.  Bring the Mumma-love my design buns.  I'll start.
I love my Mum becasue she's creative, funny and loves colourful shoes.

If you don't win and want to buy one for your special Mumma, Motherscout can be found all over NZ and stockists can be found over at her Facebook page.


  1. What an awesome giveaway Alex. I love my mum because she's generous, kind and very tough!

    Was so great to meet you last weekend and I hope to see you again soon xo

    1. Lovely to meet you too. Love a tough Mum! Good luck Kelly.

  2. How bad ass! I was kinda hoping that they were for sale as a few caught my eye and would look kick a$$ on my boyfriend's jacket he wears when riding! Haha!

    But why do I love my mama? It's hard to find a specific reason to love her, she oozes cuteness and that alone has many people under her finger! I love her for mending many broken hearts I've had in my 25 years, mainly through high school!

    1. When I saw them in person I must admit there was a few I could have 'borrowed'! Amazing collection and yes very bad ass indeed.

  3. I love my mama because she embodies so much of who I want to become. Because she still wants to come to everything I do even now I am grown up. Because she is stylish and because she loves my babies. There's so much more than that but I think that is a good start xx

  4. Oh my, almost everything good in my life in attribute back to my Mum. She lost my Dad 2yrs ago at 53 and has made an amazing job of rebuilding her life.