Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stop! Collaborate and listen: Alex Fulton Design and Commando-M

If you were an 80's kid living in New Zealand you would have worn a pair of these puppies.  You would of not only worn them you would have pimped the eff outta them.  

I recall many an English lesson doodling all over my Commando-M's - especially the 'M' part of the white rubber sole.  It had magnetic powers and the more I swore I would leave it nude the more I just couldn't help myself to doodle.

Well guess what my kiwi friends, they are back and have a new look goin' on.  They have revived the classic plastic moulded sole with a new reconditioned upper that's customisable!  Yes, you can create your own little piece of shoes nirvana!

I was sent a pair to give my own spin. I thought I would show my level of maturity and design professionalism, soooooooo I scraped the doodle and opted for the highly sophistic relm of multi coloured confetti.

I even did a movie!

Alex Fulton Design creates for Commando-M Shoes from Alex Fulton Design on Vimeo.

What will you do with yours? 

Design or buy your own pair here and then go visit Commando-M facebook here 


  1. Replies
    1. You are so funny! Thanks. It was very fun to do. AND thanks to your techy course I'm flying with my new skills!

  2. ha ha you are one random chic! I love your video post- something different instead of same ol same ol

  3. SUPER cool Alex. Colooooooourrrrrr

  4. Love the video - you really must do more of them!! But just can';t get my head around the impracticalities, sorry - wet grass, confetti trails through shops, soggy confetti staining the carpet......... I know - VERY boring of me. But I can soooo remember colouring canvas shoes with felt pens. And the laces. Fabric paints would be ideal, Neal. Can you remember Doodle Art from the 80's? I have been looking for books for my kids and no one seems to produce them any more. They were awesome. The shopkeepers look at me sideways, if they are too young to remember that 'doodle' didn't always have rude connotations!!!

    1. Practical mactical Rach! It's for the arts!! I have seen Doodle books at Paperplus - they are very cool.
      Or look here...