Monday, May 6, 2013

Visiting: The School, Sydney - Shibori Class by Joanna Fowles

In my last post I spoke about stars aligning and this order of events was one example.

While in Sydney, it was on the list to visit Koskela out in Rosebury.  I had seen it in many design post, pinterest and print media.  I needed to see this Nirvana myself.  

Koskela itself is another post - but while their I instagrammed Megan Morton's door to her School saying I was too shy to knock.  
Well bowl me over, she contacted me and said that next time to knock and she would answer!  How could I resist such an offer from one of my design doyenne's!  I have admired this women from afar and now I was going to meet her.  Not only that but I also saw that the incredibly talented and super nice Joanna Fowles was doing a Shibori class while I would be visiting.
Oh my stars... they were all in a line.

I booked and look at the magic that happened.
(I also managed to drag my banker friend Kath along - she was skeptical but ended up LOVING it - and making the scarf-o-the-day)

Shibori is a Japanese term for several methods of dyeing cloth with a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing it, or capping. 

It's a complex and beautiful process that yields amazing end results that are literally infinite.  Variables come from your resisting techniques as well as time spent 'dyeing' the products.  Results also differ depending on the type of fabric used.  It's just lovely.

The indigo turns the cloth an amazing shade of green until it's exposed to air, then changes to a shade of blue

The speed shiborist - Sophie

I loved meeting some amazingly talented individuals as well the pure joy I get from making things with my own two hands.  It's one time when I can honestly say that I don't think of anything else but what I'm doing.  That's a treat in my busy world.

The most insane Lamingtons from Flour and Stone

Joanna is a shibori whizz who has the patience of a saint with an abundance of talent.  I had first seen her featured here by The Design Files.  

What made this day even better was that Megan and her right-hand-main lady Sophie the Stylist also did the course.  It was very amusing to witness Sophie's manic style of 'shiboring'.  Her energy was infectious and by the end none of us wanted the day to end and we were shiboring anything we could get our hands on!  It was with a heavy design heart that it ended.  

Many many thank-you's to Megan Morton and her team.  If you do get a chance to do a class - any class of Megan's, then DO IT.  You will come out a better person.  


  1. Oh this looks like so much FUN!!! Awesome to get to do it over in Sydney, too. We had a go at resist dying the other weekend, while we were making candles. Not such a success with the candle wax we used. Used to do this every other weekend as a kid back in the 80's (70's....). haha. Was trying to get my 13 year old inspired. Didn't work. But fun on a wet weekend.

    1. Yes Rach - I too was dabble in a bit of dying as a youth - not such a good outcome as this I must say!

  2. How cool, I would love to do a class at The School. All that indigo blue is making me dizzy with joy - love it! I can't wait to see your post on Koskela - that's up there with Fenton & Fenton, and Anna & Spiro on my 'shops I must visit' list. x

    1. Oh Vic, I re-fell-in-love with blue all over again after such an indigofest. Yes Koskela! Oh my hat it was good. Will post forth-with!