Thursday, February 17, 2011

When is a shoe not a shoe? When it's a banana!

The Banana Slip-on:  Bahahahaha

Ok.  So you know how I can't wear shoes at the mo (sorry to go on)...

The mastermind behind these walking wonders is footwear designer Kobi Levi.  This guy has studied design, development and making of footwear.  

Massive props buddy 'cause you certainly have pushed some Podiatry preconceptions.  Your clogs are certainly clever.

Here are some of note:

Market (as in basket)

Blonde ambition (as in Magde)

Blow (as in job)

Chewing gum (as on pavement)

Olive Oyl (as in Popeye)

Slide (as in obvious)

The Sling (as in shot)

The Tulip Shoe - of course taken inspiration from the famous Eero Saarinen Chair
I had to have some link to design (this is it)

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