Sunday, August 21, 2011

Exhibition: Megan Hansen-Knarhoi

There is not much on the artist herself except that she resides in Napier, New Zealand and is a graduate of Elam Art school in Auckland.

She has a real 'thing' for Jesus as he's featured in many of her recent works. She states that there is not enough religion in contemporary art these days.  I have no opinion on that really but I do have an opinion on the technique...

Strands upon strands of french knitted wool making up the human-head sized Jesey-Chresy.  All held together by many a nail.  He's also equipped with a crocheted multiple cross speech bubble which is meant to be something about speaking in tongues.

I can vouch for it being pretty darned incredible as I got to see it in Nelson.

You too can see her if you are in Wellington at The Dowse Art Museum in Lower Hutt - Knitted and Knotted

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