Friday, August 19, 2011

Visit from: Lil' Magoolie

For those of you that have not been hiding under a blog rock you will know about the wonderfully talented Maddie from Lil' Magoolie.

She is one hot Mumma that rules the Mummy-blogging world.  She is a fellow colour-beast and has a keen eye for finding good prods and talented peeps.

Today I to spent some time with her while she photographed my house for Apartment Therapy.  I know!

It's going to be a shame to loose her from Christchurch, but I wish her well with her adventures in Australia.  


  1. Wow! You lucky grlllll.Apartment therapy here we come ( I only had my garden ..*sort of * featured in the little hot book... but my house ! respect!

  2. Wow thanks Alex. I'll hopefully be back some time soon. I'll also be keeping your card so you can completely design my house when I'm a millionaire! Truly a pleasure to meet you. I wish I had half of your style and spunk. Hope we get to cross paths again soon :-)