Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just finished: HRV Offices (Christchurch, NZ)

Finishing a project is gratifying but this one even more so when it's the second time in 18 months you have designed the same offices!

The pixel concept: I needed punch on a boring wall.  My concept came to life via the amazingly talented super graphic designer - Kara Burrows.  Mixing warm air with cool air (all about the company branding).  Adgraphix did an awesome job with the graphic stickies.

Pisel concept taken through to the frieze strips along all the internal windows

Chair from Nood - more pixel friezes.

Because of the devastating earthquakes here in Christchurch, the HRV offices were destroyed back in Feb this year.

The building was demolished and rebuilt by a forward-thinking property developer - he did not let such silly things as earthquakes so progress and rebuilt on the next door site.

A reminder brick from the first building which was demolished

That's why the hardy-bunch at HRV can are now back in their new-new offices just 8 short months.  Hair maybe be greyer, nerves shot and patience tested but it's done.

PS:  This refit was done in 2 months!  Phew-fa.

The red/blue kitchen - all the internal cupboards are red (why open to white when you can have red!)

Waiting zone with kitchen in background

Pixel on pixel

The Direct marketing team's "585".  Again Kara was the master of graphics.  

Happy DM team leader!

Waiting zone with matching CRONZ rug

Sneak peak into the boardroom.

File continuity with red files

To all who helped put in all the hours  - thank you.

Owners:  Simon and Shalene Dickson HRV
Project Manager: Mel Lewin, HRV
Interior Designer:  Alex Fulton Design
Graphic Designer:  Kara Burrows
Joinery:  EzyKitchens
Printers and Images: Adgraphix
Commercial Furniture:  John Cochrane Commercial Furniture
Paint: Resene
Kaynemaile: Kaynemaile (NZ) Ltd


  1. Looks great! Would love to see how you used the Kaynemaile mesh - did a few weeks working with them in September :)

  2. Hi Jessica - yes I will show you when it's up. We are doing stage two very soon and we are keeping it for that! It's very flashy and fab!! I remember that you were going to use it for Ellerslie!?

  3. Yeah I love it as a product! Was offered some work with them but unfortunately just wasn't right place/right time - love their company!! I got my mesh installed on the day of the earthquake, so managed to get a few pictures of it up! Love the light reflection etc - I have one of their alphashades - just need to get a property with a high ceiling!

  4. Looks fucking awful.....typical Dicko over the top fuckwit!