Monday, November 21, 2011

Shop it up: Combi Design Giftware

On my weekly run to Spotlight (that money sucking craft store) I came across a new wee design shop in "The Colombo" Mall.  

Kinda a pop-up shop (isn't everything pop-up here in Christchurch) which grabbed my attention because of the life-sized Kombi tent.

They sold great gifts and stocking stuffers as well as COLOURED TOILET paper!  In single rolls no less - the same brand as mine from Design Denmark.  Just a heads-up-fyi as I know ooodles of you good design folk wanted to get their greedy wee hands on some (or bottoms as the case maybe).

Other items of note are:
*  Battery powered candles
*   "Make Hey while the sunshines" book by Pip Lincolne
*  Drumstick chopsticks
*  Beer-o-meter odometer
*  Picnic plates that form a picnic box first

Real essential stuff that my husband just LOVES.

Located at 363 Coloumbo St, Sydenham - say hello to Nicola and tell her I sent you and I'm sure she will give you free stuff (probably not).

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