Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reader Request: Wooden Trees

Yo ho ho (Street-wise Santa greeting) peeps.

Just had a reader question that I will share with you.

She writes:

Hello Alex,

I recently saw your home in Homestyle Magazine and thought you and your house was the best ever in the world.  
I also loved the white wooden tree - where do I get something like that?  I want to be just like you one day.

Love Your biggest fan
P.S  You are so pretty and talented

I immediately replied:

Hello Your Biggest Fan,  

Thanks for the letter and the pair of batman underwear with lipstick marks on.  Not necessary but sweet all the same.
Now - the tree - it was brought from Simon James Design and it's made by designer brand Swedese.
Hope that helps and good luck with being me - I find it hard work so
I can't imagine how you will find it.  Go nuts.

Love Alex

Well, that was that, I thought.  But NO, she replied back.

Dear Design Goddess,  

Oh how you shine with your knowledge and perfect perceptions.  
That tree you mentioned is way too expensive.  Any cheap ideas as I live in a shoebox and wanted to use it as my Christmas tree?!  
How cool does that sound right?  I know you will think so as I'm now you as well as you being you and we are on the fecking design pulse sista!  I'm alive!

Love Me (You)

I replied (under duress and with a lot of trepidation)

Dear Freak Show,  

You are giving me the willies right now and I did a wee vomit in my mouth.  
BUT as I'm a consummate professional, I will give you a solution to your sad-ass problem.  Go to the Mocka website and check out their wee coat-stand trees - they come in all different colours and shapes and are only $49.95 (NZD).
Now go away and harangue another design deity.  

Love Me (the real and ONLY me)

Mocka coat stand tree $49.95 NZD!

(words and meanings may have been altered or misinterpreted to make me look awesome and her a stalker-weirdo - she was actually nice and polite with little to say about doppelganging).


  1. Ba ha ha! Hope you've got seurity lights installed at your place!

  2. i have one of these mocka ones. love it.

  3. Love these coat trees, look so great.