Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The colour blue

Blue just keeps catching my eye today.

It all started with a ring I'm getting re-made (Long story but great ending thanks to insurance)

For my ring I have chosen an electric-mid-topazy colour.  It's nuts and I'm super exciting about wearing said item.

Then all this morning I kept seeing BLUE.  So I will share.

Great blues combo from Pinterest

Donna Wilson Pouffs at Milan Furniture Fair

Dusk Rug by Lachlin Allen from Designer Rugs

from Pinterest

Annie Liebovitz stuffing child model into teeny house

Clearly the Mother has the "Baby Blues"
Just all got a bit silly but you get the picture.  Blue is not the cold beast you imagine - it can be warm, inviting and cosy.  


  1. wonderful combo! greetings from Germany

  2. Well hello back and thankyou for posting your comments which are very welcome!