Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Visiting: Melbourne DesignEX (Day One)

Ooooh kid in candy shop.

DesignEX Melbourne is why I'm over here and these are the highlights of day one.

Yup you guessed right - there is now Marimekko wallpaper - please excuse the quality of photos as they were all taken secret squirrel as no photos allowed!  What the!

Roooooly loved the white cagee looking diamond shaped beasts.  Yumballs.

Always I say ALWAYS looking for colourful rubber flooring.  Found it and there is a Christchurch distrubutor.  Yipee x 6.

Good cutout trees but can't remember company so not that good really!

My wee posie for coffee break.  Notice MASSIVE lunch of TINY burrito.

The ILVE stand - Pink delights

Some bird showing the new range of Swarovski crystal laminex - I know I know but it was so purrrretty.

Best furniture of the show award goes to Yellow Diva - will dedicate whole post plus link when I'm not on internet time hotspot time limit.

Dulux stand with 2011 colour finalist boards - hang on.... mine was not there.  So miffed.

Oh and to carry on the Marimekko theme - in Converse people.  Help me choose which ones to buy.... the orange or the pink high tops???  It's up to you...

More to come tomorrow here's hoping!

Love ya's.


  1. I'd go orange! Yikes so much beautiful stuff: I love the Marimekko wallpaper, to think that by next year you might be able to spread this all over the new look Christchurch!
    Looking forward to tomorrow's post already.

  2. Almost too jealous to comment ;-)