Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Visiting: Melbourne DesignEX (Day Two and Three)

Alright - I'm now over my severe bout of Ozitis (inflammation of the Australias).  Ready to blog again...

I will confess that half of Day Two was spent shopping (mostly the window version) and these images are a mixture of DesignEX and treats from Melbourne's shopping quarter...

Fermob Furniture - tres cute outdoor furn in super colours and styles. 

The Laminex stand imitating a "record shop" with the new laminex colours as "records". Nice.

Pantone featured as giveaways (safe to say I gave them away)

I stalked this girl to snapture a pic of her legs....only to find a dress to match later that day (see below)

Said dress:  Would have brought in a heartbeat if it was not 9 million dollars (2 thousand to be exact but may as well have been 9 million).  You want it - it's yours from Cactus Jam (hole).  The designer was a red indian (pattern kinda obivious) but the colours - oh the colours.  That "real" brown with that blue.  So good.  You can't tell from ave iphone photo but it was ALL sequins.  I do declare.

Spilt pineapple and mini reindeer.  All yumminess from the shop I can never remember in QVB.  They do sell Bassike which I have a mini addiction too.

Blue bike, orange seat and white walls: bike-a-lious

Brought an owl hat for one daughter but will probably steal for the school run
Day Three was yet more thing-gazing and food-eating                                                                 (with a smattering of Pilgrim lady-lunching)

Colourful macaroons - my other daughter called them colourful hamburgers.

Dinner solo - being an only child I can do dinner alone quite easy and  I throughly enjoy my own company.  This from my fav Melb italian Solarino
Night delights from Gingerboy

Super cocktails - we turned into "Gangsters of love"

Ginger moments with old buddy Burgie

Apols for the food shots but sheese it was good.... all this post-party-goodness from  Riverland

Ikea fabric - good


High powered meeting with Aussie blog queens extraordinaries.... Madame Brussels...

...with the high priestess of pattern - Ms Pilgrim Lee.  You may remember back in November 2010 that I blogged about her colourful retro retreat.  Now I have meet her in person and she was just lovely (and colourful). 

oh yeah we had a colour-off.  It was evens.

Also starring Ms Ciniti Gonzalez - the very talented lady behind mypoppet  - not to be confused with the Russian dating service (true story I linked into that the first time I googled Cinti's blog - what a diz)

Amazing accommodation at the Prince in St Kilda

This was the meal we got with the room - I say yes please.

The other option - yes again

Happy touro's

Just had to add - this is the window display from Sportgirl - I KNOW!  The wee acorns were stuffed inside printed knitted fabric.  So good with the houndstooth combo and scarf bunting.  
Back to the land of shakes and immediate winter.  Blah.  Head down and hang in there till ski season.

Thanks Melbourne and DesignEX.  See you real soon.


  1. LOL first time i've been declared a high priestess of anything... i think i could get used to it! :D come back anytime and brighten our grey city

  2. Dealio (and invite back at you once our shaky ol' city is back on it's feet!).

  3. Everyone gets the Russian dating service first. Maybe I should start a side business. I think mistakes may be half the hits to my web page lols

  4. Cinti - it's win win really! Great interweb page - and sorry to hear about your computer...

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