Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just Finished: 'Out of the Box' Styling

Busy days.  But finally "Out of the Box" project has opened!

Karen Sheridan, local lady, has opened her pop-up-store Out of the Box here in our local community Nayland St, Sumner.

Karen Sheridan

The turn out was grand - all excited to see what was in the two containers.

Full to the brim with 'inspired by' design.

Dulux colours for the art installation

Karen will be open Thurs/Fri 10am-6pm and Sat/Sun 10am-4pm or by appointment you can call her on0274 775 060

The invite turned into a lucky-dip with the winner getting an 'inspired-by' ghost chair

The Box!


Styling and design concepts:  Alex Fulton Design
Fitout/Design: Martin Exon
Importer: KS Imports

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A-rama o' the week: Chevron

I do love a good "a-rama" and this week's a-rama is from that show-off pattern CHEVRON.

Yes folks it's a Chev-a-rama.

Would happily adopt this room as one of my own but alas it was just a styled fake.  
Clever no matter.  
Multi-talented melbourne stylist Heather Nette King created it  and Mike Baker photo'ed it.

It's punchy, bold and in ya face.  My kind of pattern.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Shop it up: Combi Design Giftware

On my weekly run to Spotlight (that money sucking craft store) I came across a new wee design shop in "The Colombo" Mall.  

Kinda a pop-up shop (isn't everything pop-up here in Christchurch) which grabbed my attention because of the life-sized Kombi tent.

They sold great gifts and stocking stuffers as well as COLOURED TOILET paper!  In single rolls no less - the same brand as mine from Design Denmark.  Just a heads-up-fyi as I know ooodles of you good design folk wanted to get their greedy wee hands on some (or bottoms as the case maybe).

Other items of note are:
*  Battery powered candles
*   "Make Hey while the sunshines" book by Pip Lincolne
*  Drumstick chopsticks
*  Beer-o-meter odometer
*  Picnic plates that form a picnic box first

Real essential stuff that my husband just LOVES.

Located at 363 Coloumbo St, Sydenham - say hello to Nicola and tell her I sent you and I'm sure she will give you free stuff (probably not).

Friday, November 18, 2011

OMIWIHTOT: Pillow Fight Cushions

Yup - another "Oh man, I wish I had thought of that" segment.

Today's product is a set of Pillow fight cushions designed by Bryan Ku

Found at the ManMade blog

I wonder what the girly range would look like - probably a lot of handbags.  Not that that's my weapon of choice.  I'm more of a nunchuck girl.  

Bad to the bone mother funkers (not really).

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reader Request: Wooden Trees

Yo ho ho (Street-wise Santa greeting) peeps.

Just had a reader question that I will share with you.

She writes:

Hello Alex,

I recently saw your home in Homestyle Magazine and thought you and your house was the best ever in the world.  
I also loved the white wooden tree - where do I get something like that?  I want to be just like you one day.

Love Your biggest fan
P.S  You are so pretty and talented

I immediately replied:

Hello Your Biggest Fan,  

Thanks for the letter and the pair of batman underwear with lipstick marks on.  Not necessary but sweet all the same.
Now - the tree - it was brought from Simon James Design and it's made by designer brand Swedese.
Hope that helps and good luck with being me - I find it hard work so
I can't imagine how you will find it.  Go nuts.

Love Alex

Well, that was that, I thought.  But NO, she replied back.

Dear Design Goddess,  

Oh how you shine with your knowledge and perfect perceptions.  
That tree you mentioned is way too expensive.  Any cheap ideas as I live in a shoebox and wanted to use it as my Christmas tree?!  
How cool does that sound right?  I know you will think so as I'm now you as well as you being you and we are on the fecking design pulse sista!  I'm alive!

Love Me (You)

I replied (under duress and with a lot of trepidation)

Dear Freak Show,  

You are giving me the willies right now and I did a wee vomit in my mouth.  
BUT as I'm a consummate professional, I will give you a solution to your sad-ass problem.  Go to the Mocka website and check out their wee coat-stand trees - they come in all different colours and shapes and are only $49.95 (NZD).
Now go away and harangue another design deity.  

Love Me (the real and ONLY me)

Mocka coat stand tree $49.95 NZD!

(words and meanings may have been altered or misinterpreted to make me look awesome and her a stalker-weirdo - she was actually nice and polite with little to say about doppelganging).

Vintage Value: MyPoppet Shop Cushions

Craft goddess with the best nails in Melbourne - Cinti from MyPoppet, has made a collection of stunning vintage cushions.  

Limited edition ya'll!

Buy them from here

Ezi breezy beautiful online shopping: Ezibuy

Talk about cheap and cheerful for pending summer daze...

Gumball Pouffs $129 NZD

Large Owl Vase

Keandra Cushion $19.99 NZD

Floor Cushions $29.99 each NZD

Cuckoo Clock $39.95 NZD (I know right!)

Bamboo Bowls $39.95 NZD

Akela Cushion $19.99 NZD
Cheap as ol' chips.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I love BJ's

Life is busy man.  I have lists.  Yes lists.  Coming out my arm holes.

So what does one do when there is so much on?  
You cook up some Edamame beans (super salty) and browse your over crowded google reader.

Sorry but even that was so so until I found this:

Thanks Plastolux.  Awesome times a mill.

Bet the owner of this home has no lists.

PS:  Happy Birthday to my husband.  He's 40.  

*  Said a public HBD to my beloved
*  Posted a mini post so that my readers still know I'm alive

Well that's two things off my lists.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just finished: HRV Offices (Christchurch, NZ)

Finishing a project is gratifying but this one even more so when it's the second time in 18 months you have designed the same offices!

The pixel concept: I needed punch on a boring wall.  My concept came to life via the amazingly talented super graphic designer - Kara Burrows.  Mixing warm air with cool air (all about the company branding).  Adgraphix did an awesome job with the graphic stickies.

Pisel concept taken through to the frieze strips along all the internal windows

Chair from Nood - more pixel friezes.

Because of the devastating earthquakes here in Christchurch, the HRV offices were destroyed back in Feb this year.

The building was demolished and rebuilt by a forward-thinking property developer - he did not let such silly things as earthquakes so progress and rebuilt on the next door site.

A reminder brick from the first building which was demolished

That's why the hardy-bunch at HRV can are now back in their new-new offices just 8 short months.  Hair maybe be greyer, nerves shot and patience tested but it's done.

PS:  This refit was done in 2 months!  Phew-fa.

The red/blue kitchen - all the internal cupboards are red (why open to white when you can have red!)

Waiting zone with kitchen in background

Pixel on pixel

The Direct marketing team's "585".  Again Kara was the master of graphics.  

Happy DM team leader!

Waiting zone with matching CRONZ rug

Sneak peak into the boardroom.

File continuity with red files

To all who helped put in all the hours  - thank you.

Owners:  Simon and Shalene Dickson HRV
Project Manager: Mel Lewin, HRV
Interior Designer:  Alex Fulton Design
Graphic Designer:  Kara Burrows
Joinery:  EzyKitchens
Printers and Images: Adgraphix
Commercial Furniture:  John Cochrane Commercial Furniture
Paint: Resene
Kaynemaile: Kaynemaile (NZ) Ltd