Friday, August 30, 2013

What a bunch of winners!

You lucky ducks.

Congraulations to all of you that entered! We have some winners...

Castle Yellow Pennyround Cushion, worth $95, is Rach from 'In the Naki' Blog (entered on my blog)

Castle Pink Pennyround Cushion, worth $95, is Annie (entered on my blog)

Castle 'Rainbow' tea towel, worth $59, is Sarah McFarlane (entered on my facebook page)

Castle 'Coconut' tea towel, worth $59, is Bridget Glasgow (entered on my facebook page)

Well done team - you have provided me with much info to help me improve my content for your enjoyment.

Please contact me via email with your address details and I wll get these specials out to you asap. 

Yours in colour,

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spotting: Endemic World Prints

Blown away - just blown away by the feedback for the Rachel Castle giveaway - good luck everyone and many thanks for the amazing suggestions you are all making!
  Kind of lost for words and super excited about what is ahead for me and the blog.  

Today's post is about something that has come up quite regularly - local resonablity priced art.  Well first stop is the lovely peeps, Elliot and Kate, over at Endemic World.  

Garden Party Print by Inaluxe - available here
Ampersand Print by Mash available here 
Pink Clouds by Oslo available here
Cosmopolitan Print by Terry Chisholm for Design Assembly available here

AND they do a great little ditty on their blog called Print Pairs.  Mixing art and spaces is just the ticket to start that interior inspiration.  Clap clap clap.

Find them over here and here

Monday, August 26, 2013

Giveaway: 'a penny round for your thoughts' giveaway with Rachel Castle cushions and tea towels

Here's something to brighten your Monday morning!  

I'm excited to tell you that I have not one but TWO Rachel Castle penny round velvet cushions to giveaway to you. A pink and a yellow one.

I'm a long time fan of Rachel Castle and her colourful home wares world so it's super cool to be able to share that love.  

To enter I would like to give me 'a penny round for your thoughts'.  In the comments section here on the blog or on my facebook page I would like you to tell me your thoughts about the content or stuff you want me to deliver and read about.  

I'm in the throws of making over Alex Fulton Design and it would be really helpful to get some feedback on content and direction.  I started this blog as a tool for me but as I grow bigger with more readers I felt it was only fair to see what you want.  I want to make posts you want to read - so go on, help a girl out...

Now is your chance to let me know and therefore go in for a chance to win one of two amazing penny round cushions! 

There is also two runner up prizes of Rachel Castle teatowels - 4 prizes in total so the odds are good my design friends!
* This will be drawn on Friday the 30th August 2013
* All entries are drawn from a randomiser
* Extra entries for a 'share'

You can purchase you own piece of Castle from Small Acorns online or from their shop in Wellington.

Photography by Chris Warnes, Jason Busch and Maya Vidulich

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Good Prod: Catherine David Designs - Josefine Bordello Wall Sconce

Oh I've found a good prod all right.  

It's a wall light.  

Not just any wall light.

It's colourful and has a contrasting fringe.

You hang, you plug and you go.

I'm in love.

Which one would you choose?  
I couldn't choose so I brought all three (for the Studio of course).  Come visit them and me and I will sell you one if you can wrestle them out of my hot little hands...

Catherine David Designs is a New Zealand designer that has provided us with some most excellent prods in the past (and still does) but these exceed all my widlest dreams.  

You can find and buy all her goodness here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Colourama: Marimekko Spring/Summer 2014

Hello Spring/Summer.  I can feel you peeping around the corner and boy are we ready.  

I often blur the lines between fashion and interiors and quite oft get my inspiration from the pattern and colour marvens - Marimekko.

Please take a front seat, don your dark glasses and ignore your goodie-bag.  It's time to get some inspiration from our finnish friends.

Clap clap clap.

All images from Marimekko and spotted over at super scandi blog Hunajaista.

Monday, August 12, 2013

It's not about faces, just places, spaces: Weekend home of Bradford Shellhammer

It's been a weeny while since the last 'It's not about faces...' segment and it's come back into town like a band of colourful gypsies firing off confetti guns.

This home is a goodie.  It's all that is good in the world and it's just for the weekends.

Probably the best stop-in-your-tracks image I have seen in a while.  Get that red trim looking all cute as you like next to that nasty matte black.  Pop on top bright plates and a turkey head and BAM.  Magic.  There's no kitchen unit - just an upcycled of a retro piece.  Well played Mr Shellhammer.  Spot blinkin' on.

Ahhhh - more black matte maddness which could not be a better backdrop for the primary colour showcase.  And showcase it does.  I love you.
Carpet tiles replace a conventional rug in a mixture of black/white/nad multi. 
High fives for keeping the wood too.

The owner, Bradford Shellhammer is the creator and his home really represents what his company is all about - fun, whimsey and colour.  I love what he has to say about decorating your home...

“At Fab, we’re on a mission to rid the world of boring beiges—not get rid of beige altogether, per se, but to give people permission to explore and bring life and fun into the world they live in.”

Heck yeeeeahhh.

Not usually a fan of b.board but in this context it's good.  Relaxed and cheeky - just like the rest of the house.

Thanks to Jonathan Lo from Happy Mundane for posting this home and Lee Tran Lam of Inside/Out for featuring this gorge-beast-of-a-home.
All images by Trevor Tondro

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ask Alex: Rugs

Oh hi!  It's a new section called 'Ask Alex'.

Pretty straight forward - you ask me a question and I will answer.  Let's crack into it!

"I've just found your blog with your carpet stairwell. Wow I love it! I see it's customised which I'm sure equals pricey! I'd like to carpet our childrens playroom in a nice bright fun stripe, but am failing miserably to find anything. It's only about 6sqm. I was wondering if you can help me. Is customised the only way to go? Do you know of any nice bright big rugs that could do the trick?"

Ahh rugs.  You sneaky cheekies.  I see you in many magazines looking all bright and big and yet you evade us in shops and online.  BUT today is the day I will find you, and show you off in all your glory.

I commonly get asked about where to source lots of different things but rugs is always right up there.  Here are my picks.

High on colour and pattern - their kilims are super big and durable.  Made from wool with goat hair fringe they boast a 'heavy base' and are stain resistant.  
Sizing: 216omm x 1410mm
Cost: $1050 - $1300 (NZD)
Available: online at Mintsix 

Image from Mintsix

Image from Mintsix

These guys do both off the rack and customised rugs in all shapes, sizes and colours.  They have an amzing 'stock' range so if you are not keen on customising there is plenty of options to choose from.  I especially love their hall runners (we have one at home) and new childrens range.  These rugs are made in India with a high level of craftmanship and skill and it shows in the end product.
Sizing:  Various from runners, rounds, rectangle, square and flower
Cost:  Varies depending on size
Available:  Through Alex Fulton Design or you can see them in stock at The Ivy House at 238 Jervois Rd Herne Bay Auckland 1011.
Hours:  Tues - Fri 9.30 - 2.30 and Sat 10am to 2pm
* Opening next week!

Image from Armadilo & Co

Image from Armadilo & Co

Image found over at The Design Files and photographed by Sean Fennessy 

LET LIV is not only scandonavian but name and also by design.  As well as rugs they also  have a yummy collection of Scandinavian and worldwide collected goodies.  Their rugs though are timeless and simple as well as very well priced!
Sizing:  1400mm x 2000mm, 70mm x 2400mm (and others)
Cost:  $199.90 to $379.00 (NZD)
Available:  Online only at LETLIV

Image from LETLIV
Image from LETLIV

Meg from Teapea has a super eye for design with all her products but she has managed to find some good rugs to boot.  One crochet and one felt - she ticks the originality and colour boxes again!  I love that I havn't seen these anywhere else too.  They may not be big but they are mighty!
Sizing: 1000mm x 1600mm (Felt) and 1200mm (Crochet circle)
Cost: $198 and $185 (NZD)
Available: Online at Teapea

Image from Teapea 
Image from Teapea

Woah, these guys know colour.  I know I'm talking rugs today but please do go look around this online store.  Australian based but they send over the seas.  They hav ea magical selection of Dhurries and Rugs and even a Rug builder!  I know!  Colour and go... It's fun.
Sizing: Various
Cost: Various (AUD)
Available: Online at Fenton and Fenton

Image from Fenton and Fenton
Image from Fenton and Fenton
Image from Fenton and Fenton

I shouldn't be showing you these as they are 'out of stock' but they are just too good AND I have spoken with Claire and she tells me she has more of the black and white with accent colours coming mid Sept.  Keep an close out!  The stunning colourful one alas was so unique she probably won't be getting another in... but you never say never!
Sizing: Various
Cost: Various
Available: Online at Izzy and Jean

Image from Izzy and Jean

Image from Izzy and Jean

So there you have it - all rugged up!  Let me know what you think?  Also do you know of any others that I might like - let me know.  Love your feedback.

Please email if you have an hairy design questions and I will be sure to either reply in person or you may end up on the blog section 'Ask Alex'.  Lucky.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Thought-o-the-day: Keeping it real

I don't know about you, but daily I am exposed to beautiful things, places and spaces.

I read blogs, I flick through magazines and I check out instagram feeds (here's mine if you wanna look?) - it's all there for the taking.  A visual feast for the eyeballs and brain to gorge on.  And gorge I do.

Usually it's all fine and it's happy days, but sometimes, just sometimes it's all just too much.  The self-doubt can creep in and you start to feel a little inadequate.  I do and I know that you probably do too.  Perfect vignettes and pretty habitats, preened stylists and picture-perfect environs...

Today, I wanted to say, hey, it's ok.  I wanted to put my hand up and say that I'm human and so are my surrounds.  The power of the styled photograph is an extremely persuasive tool and mostly we are eternally grateful for photoshop and  clever camera angles.  The world would be a pretty ug place without them to be sure, but let's just keep it all in perspective.

Image taken by my neighbour Hanna.
 This is usually how I work - a dog or two in very close proximity, a glass of wine and in odd places thanks to wifi.  At the time of this photo we had taken out the two doors next to the fireplace (see below shot) and were replacing the old ornamental fireplace with a real open fire.  I didn't care that my floors weren't vacumed (with featured HUGE industrial vacum) or even that my fire surround was not in place.  I was just happy to sit and work with dogs, trackies and wine!

Image taken by Larnie Nicolson Photography
This image was taken the day that Larnie and LeeAnn came to photograph me and the house for Your Home and Garden.  I would just like to state that the chances of me sitting on the side of the couch and blogging are slim to none.  It is true that I will blog most places but this was a little tough on the thighs.  What it did do was show you all my pretty Swedish clogs and a great room perspective so that's all that matters really.

Hooray for good photography and clever photographer's everywhere.  It's such a skill.

Happy Monday - love yourself and your home.  It's a no-comparison-zone please.

*This blog post is written just as much for me as for you*