Sunday, July 29, 2012

design finds: french webs

I feel like I'm keeping so much from you all. Every day I see new and exciting goodness and it's just so busy all this traveling that I'm not having much time to blog (and tend to be limited by lack of wifi).

38 degree climb for this view. Stunning village Saint Jean Saint Maurice. Tres belle.
But now I'm wified up for the next week I will attempt to get through my list. We have arrived in the mountains of France in a place called Samoens. Quintessential ski village complete with Swiss chalets, soaring peaks and luckily cooler weather that stinkin' hot Roannaise. I'm not complaining promise.

Right so - today I have three websites to show n' tell. As follows:



Very cool one pieces and jewels. Found because we are staying with a very groove French chick with a great sense of style. Only bug bear was they don't do the onesies in adult sizes.

One piece for kiddies
Adult jewels

Antoine & Lili

Women, kids and decoration are the main categories but hands down the show stoppers are the colourful metal suitcases. Stack em' or hang on the wall as cabinets. Tres fancy-pants.


Petite Pan

Hard to choose as there are so many goodies. These are my standouts.

Selection of colourful cushies
Rice hippo. Yes please
Rice paper lanterns
Rad bias binding
My kind of storage

Enjoy those wee morsels my design baguettes.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

visiting london: a little bit more

Even though I'm in France now - and mostly the reason I'm a little behind with the blogs - I've a couple of snaps from London still to show n' tell.

Teaching Isla the world of Kate Spade
Packaging at Kate Spade
Kate Spade goes Florence with packaging tissue
A wee pressie for my iPad. Lucky iPad.

Last day in London and the sun finally shines. Spied a very funkily painted exterior close to St Pancras station. Know noting about the artist but it was a Barclays bank?
Giraffe cafe graffiti, Byron burgers most excellent signage, Olympic fever hitting

Exciting stuff to come France-side and again sorry for being sporadic as wifi not as readily available as hoped!


visiting london: mauro perucchetti at halcyon gallery (harrods)

Busy! Singapore now London then off to France. Thought the best way to show you gezzers the sights would be to highlight some of the highlights (such a way with words - holidays got to my brain already).

The mighty Harrods

I took the girls (daughters x2) to Harrods. Jeff was off seeing bands and doing his music thang and I was in-charge of said daughters. The plan was the Natural History Museum then Princess Di's memorial in Hyde Park.

Let's just say we got side tracked.

New plan: The museum of shopping aka Harrods. It's called working with what we got. What we had was a shizen rainy day in London. Best stay in indoors I believe. So we did.

It was special. I got to teach the girls about shoes, fashion, handbags and design. After that I caved and we did the toy floor which was not so bad. We also spent some time watching posh poodles get preened at the Doggie Spa.

Missoni home, Isla with dog suit, Vi with a fraggle, Jean Boggio fro Franz
Prada shoeage.

Anyways, I digress. What I saw of some significance was a designer called Mauro Perucchetti at the Halcyon Gallery in Harrods.

Selection of Perucchetti's works
Perucchetti take on Michelangelo's creation of Adam in Superhero form

His work has been decribed as mixing pop asthetics with social comment. Whatevs, I was attracted to the colours and the bling. His artworks are enticing, extravagant and colourful. It was a Swarovski-a-thon. Just perfect for a viewing and an oogling.

I'm typing this now in Paris... more on that another time.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tester from Blogsy

Hello from London...

Royal racing in Greenwitch

Just testing out a new platform for blogging. If this works I'll be back on track to blog-a-ram.