Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pilgrim Lee's House

I have found so many yummy blogs lately and I love how they can lead you on a wonderful journey.  Design Files lead me to Pilgrim Lee.

Her home sings to me.

I'm dedicating these images to that snooty bird who bagged my house on the recent house tour (I know let it go already).  There....gone.

Thanks Pilgrim.  Colour you BAD(ass).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So beautiful and so clever

It's people like Jen Stark that blow me away - when I see such cleverness I'm humbled.

The Miami based artist reflects almost geological form with a "magic eye" twist. All in paper!

They are absorbing and enchanting and I bow down to such greatness, and she's only 26.  Jeez.

 Actually when I saw her website I was very much reminded of our own colour/geo girl Sara Hughes
This art really does speak for itself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tarshtastic Movember

 I can't grow a moustache.  Maybe when I'm old I will but until then I have found some crackerlackers.

I know for a fact that this guy dyes his hair - just look at those eyebrows.  New Zealand company Beardhead  sells these with add on "handlebar" starshes.  They even do one in pink.  Tempted.
Image from Beardheads

Keeping it local - this cheeky mo popped up in the latest Best Awards 2010.  Bravo to Design Director / Heath Lowe

Design Team Tony Bradbourne, Rob Jack, Trevor Powell.
Consultants Michael Redwood, Ben Curran, Daniel Presling, Matt Green. 
Client Neat Spirits Limited.

Mr Vodka ...bums up!
Image from Best Awards

 Design humour time - just like farts, the moustache is an easy-laugh.  These drink-identifiers are classic.
image from Andrew Reeves

Bah ha ha ha (but so commendable)
Image from a Water Polo club - random!

Back to clever design - things that make is smile are always important to me - however silly they seem.

Just imagine these placed under the nose.  These pencils have got the best names... Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django, Clark.  All from Paris based kooky-cats Atypyk.  Their website is filled with nutty designs.
image from Atypyk
So there you go - even if you can't grow one yourself there are many designerey options that will still show your support for men's prostate probs this November.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


If you want IKEA in NZ - you can get it!  My Flatpack orders for you and you get it delivery to your NZ doorstep!

Last orders for 2010 = 18th Nov

Colourful legs

I know it's not very housey or designey but I just seemed to see solid colour legs in a few places and it got me-a-thinkin'.

Good pink legs 
Living Etc Christmas edition 2010

Bad pink legs

Actually the pink legs are not so bad - it's just the poor quality witchy-poo shoes that let fanta-pants down.
image by Ted Szukalski

Good green legs

Georgia Jagger having a wee rest - must be hard yacker coming from such good stock.
Image from Solid Frog

Bad green legs

Infact bad body - I just can't for-the-life-of-me get this concept.  Has the designer not understood the concept of poos, wees and other body functions?
Image from Pointless

Xmasy legs 

Image from Shop Jumbo

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vogue Living Nov/Dec Issue

I'm so excited - Vogue Living (Aust) is just out - it's in my bag ready to read.  

I love it when a cover catches my eye and this puppy certainly did do that!  Did someone mention colour?!

Will let you know what gems I find in there forthwith.

Mmmmm hot pink spaghetti chair.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Marimekko - Fabric to Fashion

My heart sings when I see beautiful clothes such as these.  Do you see those green and pink stripe boots - I do and I likey.

Watch this fashion show - Marimekko

Seriously watch it! Watch it then wear it.

Remember we can get Marimekko from the lovely Fiona at Piece Ltd 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Boy it's Roy

Indulge me - I'm having a Roy moment.

I love how some of life's throw away comments can change the course of history.  

Roy Lichtenstein's most famous works all stemmed from a comment one of his son's said to him.  "I bet you can't paint as good as that, eh, Dad?"

That was in the early 60's and still to this day his form of "pop art" is still relevant today.

NB: I will only refer to Roy as "Roy" as it's easier to spell

This hallway hook is punchy and adds favour-fav to a would-be dull area.  Check out Pakhuis Oost (they are a blog in themselves).  They make these puppies along with a lot of cool stuff.

image from Living etc blog

Rocking Roy also went interior (which is where I'm heading with all this too).   This is one of his design taken literally by another designer - Prop and set styler guru Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller
If Jeffrey's room above had a bathroom it would probably look like this...
This water-wonder is a colaboration between stripe-saints Missoni and kitchen top marvens Corian.  Heaven in a shoz.  Shoz is the shiz.

image from Corian loves Missoni
BUT this is more like it and how I would possibly interiorerly (is that a word?) nod to Roy's work. Do love an oversized fruit in me lounge.  Its' actually fashionista Max Azria's lounge.

image from Trendland

Subtle nods (and tres utter cleverness) to Roy also seen here from clever cookies India Mahdavi.  Parisian chic, tres bien.

 Designer 1:  "This room needs something and I just don't know what"
Designer 2:  "I know... a jumbo half girl in Resene Turbo would be perfect"
Designer 1: "Wanker... but you are right"

(conversation translated from school girl French)
images from India Mahdavi

Roy when it goes wrong
image from Interior fuck-ups (no link)

Roy when it goes over the top

Roy when it goes right
What will you "Roy" in your life?