Sunday, December 23, 2012

DIY: Xmas Wreath

I'm signing off with a very easy DIY that I quickly did yesterday.  It got me all feeling festive inside and looking forward to the holiday.

Step1.  Pimp a boring old wreath with toadstool battery operated lights
Step2.  Gather ornaments with a like minded theme
Step3.  Attach ornaments with florist wire
Step4.  Hang and skite

It's been a very crazy year.  A move to a new town, a 3 month trip through Europe, many highs and lows, a new puppy and a hysterectomy.  No wonder it's been nuts.

So onwards and upwards for 2013.  Canne wait.

Merry Christmas to you all and see you in 2013.

Blog Shop: Sydney

Well would you look at me!  I promised you a GIF and prey-tell I delivered!

I must confess that I was very worried about being a bit far out of my league with the whole photoshop thing, but after two intense days of learning I now now have the skills people.

Just need to find the time to do it all.  Isn't that that million dollar question.

Infact a millon questions are running though my mind at the moment, mostly about the direction that I'm-a-heading.  I want it to all mean something, and be meaningful.  I want to deliver the best me without compromise.  And lastly I want to be happy.

Happiness is colour, and colour is what I am.

Excuse-moi for getting deep but sometimes I just want to know that what I'm doing is right.  It's a lonely world at times - this blogging lark.  It was such a treat to be surrounded my 20 odd other creatives at the Blogshop and it would have been nice to have more time to dicuss the in's and out's of what we all do.   Can't complain really - it was such a fun, empowering and PS-laden weekend and I loved every minute of it!

Loved meeting them all.

Love that you read me.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Going to: Blog Shop - Sydney

Twas the night before traveling...

I've just felt like I've only just touched down, my feet hardly touching the ground, and off I go again!  Fun though and very exciting.

I'm off to BLOGSHOP.  Yes - THE BLOGSHOP with blogger and photographer extraordinaires - Bri Emery and Angela Kohler respectively.

Far from actually believing that I will be living and breathing bloggy-stuff for all of the whole weekend, all in lovely Syders.  Not that I will get to see much of her.

Fresh batch of bis cards - check
Photoshop downloaded - check
Bright clothes - check (always)
Sparkly demeanor - check
Nerd/Hipster hat - check
Butterflies - triple check

I will know not a soul and most probably be the only kiwi in amongst a room full of Aussies...but I will do you proud my friends, and will proudly pronounce my 6's and take pride in projecting my 'Fish and Chips'.  

See you on the other side!
(Flashing my GIFs and WACOM's at cha!)

Love this vid too - featuring the girls from from the last post!

All images posted are from BlogShop Facebook

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bright Sparks:

The bright and sparky of interiors often get spoke about here at AFDHQ but it's not oft that I talk accessories of the hair/body/feet kind.  

I'm about too. caught my eye in a magpie way.  It's bits are shiny, bright and lovely and in their words say "Hey, you there, check me out, I'm cool".  They will be my words too when my clip-on shoe red hearts arrive on my door step!

.and yes they deliver world-wide.

Find them also on Twittie, Facie, Pinnie and Instie

Friday, November 30, 2012

It's not about faces, just places, spaces: The Colourful Loft by Jean Verville

Holy shiz balls.  Now this is what I call colourtastic.

When so many are afraid of colour, it is just utter joy when I see a home such as this.

The brief was to design a space that could house and show-off a colourful collection of contempory art.  Jean Verville is a Canadian based Architect who I'm sure delighted his clients with this original solution.  

Avoiding the obvious - all white walls - he has created playful arrangement and unusual focal points using colour and form.  

Pure colour-blocking genius.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Good Prod: The Stendig Calender

I walked into a friends house and the first thing she said to me was "I'm sorry, I don't have much colour in my house, it's mainly just black and white sorry".  My reply was simple.  "Black and white are colours too you know!"

I have been really loving the B & W of late (paired with some brighties o' course) and this timeless combo just rings my bells.

Image from Zoma Design
Image from here

The Stendig calender is a gift from the monochrome gods (or in my case from Paperroom, who now stock them here in NZ).

This calender was designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and was that year put in the design collection at the Museam of Modern Art in New York - the only calender to have that honor.

It's a big mother.  3 ft by 4 ft or 122cm W x 92cm H.

As I said, the girls from Paperroom have got a shipment in and they are $125 each.

The months are randomly either black with white graphic or the reverse.  Once that month 
has gone use it as wrapping paper or some other crafty project.

Image from Nionio Design

Iconic and graphic coolieo...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Winner: Of the Jane Denton Artwork

Oh I wish you could all have won this giveaway - such fantastic feedback I have had from you all.  You obviously like a giveaway so will look into many more - prom!

'Diamonds' in my hot little hand - soon to be in Grace's!

So the lucky duck (and new owner of the above stunner) is...


(via the randomiser)

I will contact you via email to get your details.  Well done and congratulations Grace!

A huge thanks again to Jane Denton for supplying the coolest giveaway.

Happy weekend to you all.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

In Print: Alex Fulton's Christmas

I teased you with a photo of a Christmas styling shoot that was coming up and now I can reveal all.

Your Home and Garden Magazine asked me to style a corner of a room 'christmas styles' which I was more that happy to do, but typical me, I agreed to do it with a deadline of 4 days, with jet-lag after returning from a 3 month trip from Europe (I know I know - I wouldn't feel sorry for me either!)

I did have to tame some of my ideas because of the constraint of time so this really is the designwithwhatchagot version.

I also thought I would give you more detail on the finer points so that you might like to steal some of my ideas and time saver tips.  Bonus extras include behind the scenes (BHTS)!

* The Stockings
Cheap as chippies from The Warehouse - They had naff felt cut-outs of a map NZ that had been glued on so I turned them over and used black electrical tape to make the stripes.
BHTS: I usually use Santa sacks that I got from Country Road a few years ago but unfortunately they had gone AWOL along with my bright red Christmas tree that was supposed to be the main event (see below for the alternative idea)

*The Christmas Tree
As mentioned I had a mad panic as I couldn't find my tree!  We had just moved to Blenheim and still hadn't unpacked all our boxes.  I was a women possession rifling through all the unopened boxes.  Turned out I had left it in the attic back in Christchurch.  I only found that out last week when it suddenly came to me at a very inappropriate moment (another story)
For this shoot I used my beautiful Swedese Coat Rack that I brought about 6 years ago from Simon James Design.  I wrapped it with red fairy lights and bingo - contemporary tree.  Trust me - it looks much better when it's dark!

* The Presents
Fake of course!  No really they are!  And you know what...I'm leaving them there, they look so good.  It also makes me feel like I've done all my Christmas shopping!
I had grand plans of painting out this room with two colours (white and black), including a bright colour for the skirting and fireplace.  Time, again, not on my side so I had to make the most of the 'beige' walls.  The wall coloured reminded me of newsprint so I tootled off to the local newspaper where they sell a huge roll for $4!  So handy for present wrapping - just add your touch with bows, stamps and even get the kids to design there own wrapping paper!  Again the electrical tape came out as a cheap, but visually effective, way to wrap pressies.

*The Logs
My husband really knows now not to ask too many questions.  I texted him asking to buy those log-shaped-logs from the petrol station.  Then asked him to paint them white.  All the while he just smiled and nodded.  That's my guy.
BTHS: I had thought about painting logs for some time after seeing an image way back so I thought this was the perfect chance to do it.  My only advice is to not attempt to paint the black graphics after a couple of wines.  Needless to say those ones did not make the final shot.

Find the article inside this issue

Is there something you want to know about from this?  A product that you spotted that you want to know more about or where to get it from?
Just ask and I will tell all.

* Your Home and Garden Facebook is here

Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaway: Jane Denton Artwork

Sorry...what?  Did you just say a Jane Denton Artwork??  

Yes, yes I did.  

Jane has kindly offer you, my wonderful readers, a chance to win this very one! 
Worth $255!!


It's a beauty alright and it's called "Diamonds"

This piece will be unframed.
RRP unframed is $255, RRP framed is $395.  Size very roughly is 48cm x 35cm.

Jane specialises in Textile art and Design and "Diamonds" on one the designs in her range.  These artworks are made with wool in various colours.  
Her shapes and patterns make them very contemporary but also timeless.  

Close-up of "Crosses" (featured in Meg McMillans home from Teapea)

Jane's quote from Vic Bibby's Blog Cush and Nooks

They would suit most interiors and you cannot know how happy I was when she agreed to give one away on this very blog.

She also gave up some time to answer some question so that we could get to know her a little better...

This is Jane.  

Q1: Hello Jane Denton, can you please tell me what you do?
I’m an artist/designer and a mum to two wee kids – Sophie & George.   I create my unique art by stitching beautiful wool onto canvas in different shapes and patterns.  In the past they’ve been quite bold pieces but recently I’ve been moving into a softer colour palette.  

Q2: Colour and form play a very starring role in your creations - tell me why?
I love colour - by keeping designs simple, it gives my pieces impact and allows the colours to shine.  I normally start with design and form, and then think about the colour palette.

Q3: Who or what do you get inspiration from?
I read a few daily blogs which I find really inspiring – Design Files, Design Sponge & Cush and Nooks.  Pinterest is also a really useful tool - I’m always interested in colour combinations and patterns.

Q4: Describe the ultimate space to create in?
I love working anywhere that has lots of natural light - I usually start in the kitchen and follow the sun round the house with my dog Maggie following behind.

Q5: What are your favourite design, eating and drinking haunts in Wellington?
I’ve always loved Small Acorns and my other new favourite is online store Let Liv – both sell beautiful home wares.  I enjoy a wine at Ancestral or Dragonfly garden bars with my husband and friends when we get the chance.   And Capitol and Floriditas are old favourites for eating out.

Q6: Have you got any new projects in the pipeline?
Yes!  I’m really looking forward to working with an Auckland-based design store to create a series of textiles, and I have an exciting collaboration with a local designer in the pipeline.  I also have lots of ideas for some new pieces over the summer using softer and more subtle colours.

Q7: If you weren't doing what you do now - what would you be doing?
I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing - I thought about this question for a whole day!!   I’ve always been passionate about colour, textiles and all things interior.  I love my creative work, and I’m so happy that I can work from home and be around for my kids.
Thanks so much Jane - love your work and very excited to see some JD collabs in the pipeline.

Back to the giveaway...
To enter please leave a comment below and tell me your favourite Jane-piece from her website and as always if you like mine and Jane's facebook pages they will earn you an extra two entries!
We will draw this on Friday the 23rd November.  Heaps of time to wrap it up and pop it under the tree.  To: Me, From: Me xx
"Squares" Framed

Jane's new work "Delicate Dusk"

"Delicate Dusk" in situ

Good luck my design buns.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bargin Bomb: Household Linens

Oh lovely day.  Household linens have a good sale on with two of my favourite patterns...

Remember this from last year featured on Apartment Therapy blog?

Image by Maddie from Colourmethere

Well it's our old bedroom, starring the Franklin duvet!  Many of you asked where I got it from so now is your chance to purchase for yourself!  I love these as the quality is sooo good.

They also have the Tartan too.  

ALSO - they are doing a wee comp where if you like them on Facie then they could give you a $500 voucher.  In to win peeps.

*This is NOT paid advertising.  Just needed to share some good bargs.

Shop it up: Shop 35

Now that's I'm based in Marlborough I'm 'hitting the road' a little more often to source and see suppliers.  It's a great chance to crank the tunes and have some me-time while I'm at it.

I find it a nice change in pace as I can't check blogs, tweet updates and repin images.  It's time just to think and process - oh and of course drive!

Last week I was scooting  back from Christchurch when I needed a coffee break and stopped of in the small (but well formed) town of Cheviot.  

Shop 35 is run by Phils Morris.  She's a vivacous, bright and designy.  So is her shop.

Her eye for colour is evident and definately caught my attention when I spotted a cute little blue stool out-front.  At $55 it was snapped up and stored for one of my daughters christmas presents.

The shop is set-up in a cute old house that immediately sets an inviting tone.  Inside does not disapoint either.  Phils stocks some yummy local and international designers and they all compliment each other beautifully.

All the while I was there she had a constant stream of locals and just-travelling-throughers but she treated them all as if they were long lost buds.  It's so re-freshing to get that retail detail that is so often lost and lacking in many shops I pop into (and that's many my design bunnies).  

Fact:  Phils loves finding kooky/odd/funny fairies for the xmas tree, and this year she has high heeled ones.  Be quick though as word is out and you have to be in quick.

Fact:  Phils quickly got a large crush on my navy sparkly lace-up shoes.  But as luck had it she didn't let that get in the way of a new accaintance and a new design-bond was made!

Thanks Shop 35 and see you next trip.

Also in Cheviot
The White Cat Emporium - Italian and French Antiques
Two Rivers Gallery and Cafe - good coffee with art/sculpture

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Looking at: Spring/Summer 2012 from Fabrice Le Nezet

Glory days my friends.  
Art and the 80's have collided in an photo print from London based Artist and Designer Fabrice Le Nezet.

Le Nezet has taken mini wooden blocks, and stretched, pulled and posed them into classic Olivia Newtron-Bomb type shapes, complete with lycra and fluffy legwarmers!

A little sexy and a little silly, they are fastinating, funny and glam.  The perfect combination.  I can't stop staring!

Spotted over at Design Folio.