Friday, April 27, 2012

Same same but different: Getting geo on it!

Oh yes I have seen you geometry - I see your rhombus out there shaking it's thang.

So here is a parade of paralellograms and some triangle treats.

Blankets from FERMliving

Vase and bowl from FERMliving

Minikani wallpaper as seen in Anthology Magazine

Todd Oldham's crayons

No.3 Jar by Mark - found here

DIY bed legs - found on Pinterest but I couldn't find the original source sorry!

Phil Cuttance Faceture Vases

Varpunen sacs

Do you like?  I really do.  Fad or forever?  I hope that these algorithmic beauties are here to stay.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's not about faces, just places, spaces: Laetitia Lazerge's Home

Hot on the heels on such a success story that INAFJPS is, I bring you another spaces, places cracker.

I love that moment when you spot an image and your heart does a wee somersault.  Case-in-point, Laetitia's home in Paris.

All her bits are just right.  

To see more go to DesignSponge and check check.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's not about faces, just places, spaces: Annon House

Haha.  Do you like my new segment name.  I do - I think it's hilarious!  

(NB:  I am an only child and have learnt from a very early age to entertain myself)

Also I've learnt to write the way I would want to be entertained - anyways I digress.

So here is a space for your eyes to look at...

White-out wood.  I do love white wood.  Much better than wood wood.
Big rooms
Big ceilings
Arty art
That parquet flooring - oh my.
Little gems of colour
old vs new ratio is good
Bulls-eye pillows
Paper bag standard lamps (good lardy me)
Grey paint.  See it doesn't make it feel cold like ya Grandma told ya.

Wood stair rail - paint that bitch out I say
Office chairs for dining table.  No.

So all in all, it's fantazzy.  Apologies as I know not-mucho about about it, as no links.  I did find it over at Diversion Project though.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A house in: Greece

Firstly - I would just like to apologise for not being around very much lately.  My work has been very busy (I no complaino) but it does mean less time on the blog.  

I'm hoping this post will make up for it...  Get your Greek juices flowing and all that.  

This home is in Piraeus, Athens GREECE.  A  310sqm neoclassical private residence beautifully restored by ASKarchitects.  It's a real old-meets-new story and I really love the balance - they got it just right.

Photos:  Vangelis Paterakis

Oh and happy Easter design bunnies xx