Monday, September 26, 2011

Reader request: Karate-chop cushions

You asked and I will provide.

Q:  What prey-tell is a karate-chop cushion?

A:  Possibly one of the silliest way to present a cushion.


child-based chopping

bright white chopping

double chopping (chop chop)

(all these images from here)

Extreme chopping - rabbit ears styles
(image from here)
This phenomena is in too many places to be ok.  

Just like it's counter-part, the 'camel-toe', you just can't help but staring at the 'pillow-toe' and you desperately want to look away but can't.  

They are the fortune cookie of the pillow world.  I predict that they suck.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Something is not quite right here

I'm all for individualism and rule-avoidance as much as the next man but....

Photo found at Casapinka Blog and photo taken by David Giles

...there are some got-it-rights and some got-it-wrongs.

*  Rainbow freeze
*  Pink coff tab
*  Myriad of designer chairs
*  Dado rails and wood panelling
*  Parquet floor
*  Shape of the couch
*  Fancy fire place all in white

*  Rainbow freeze (just make it a little smaller - and take it 'round the corners for the love of god)
*  The Couch.  WTF is it covered in?  I would recommend a bright coloured heavy duty wool or a faded out dark denim.

That's all

 Actually, no it's not. Uncover that lamp as it's a fire hazard.  Mind you - if you could guarantee that it would burn off that hein fabric then I'm fine with mini fires.

That's now all.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goodbye Winter

The thought of Summer coming is rather exciting.  

Me in Koru Lounge last month
It means I can put away my winter woollies.

Friday, September 16, 2011

GPPF: 1st Dibs and Rachel Callaghan

Bah - A week since posting.  Many sorry's.  It's been madness here at Camp Fulton.

Back to business.

My good peep o' the day is Rachel Callaghan - she scouted out some goodness that I just have to pass on.

She found this post from Blue Fruits

The project was designed by Architects: Studio mk27 Marcio Kogan 

Container are "so hot right now" here in Christchurch so it's great to see such innovation.

Good prod was from 1st Dibs.  They pop up in my inbox and tempt me on a regular basis.  It's unfair and unkind as they are usually out of my price range and on the other side of the stinkin' world.  Here are just a sample of favs.

Organic Settee by Torbjorn Afdal

Hans Due Optima Mini Pendants for Fog + Morup

Mid Century Danish Modern "Papa Bear" Chair by Hans Wegner

Scandinavian Tray Tables

Swedish ceiling light with opal glass shade

70's Big Flower Pot hanging lights by Vernor Panton

Poul Dinesen Bench

That's some good looking peeps and prods right there.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Good Peeps and Prods Friday (or GPPF to you)

I'm thinking that friday may just be the right day to summerize some bad-ass prods that web buddies have pointed out too me.  

They have obviously taken time-out of their busy-creative days to contact me, so the least I can do is let them know they are coolio's.

Coolio's are as follows:

Justin Leadbetter from Leadbetter Carr Architects (Christchurch)

My man Justin struggles with "over-designed and too slick tapware"  We hear you over here at AFD and agree totes.  He pointed out this range.

Astra Walker Tapware - simple and un-slick!

Of course I love.
I raised him this range.

Fruity taps by Fima Carlo Frattini

Anyone got any other suggestions?  

It made me think...
Why has Caroma not brought back the "classic" range from the 1970's and 80's.  

I have very fond memories about our all-red bathroom with EVERYTHING matching; handrails, looroll holder, towel rails, shitter, mirrors, towel hooks and yes EVEN THE DOOR KNOB.  
Colour committment at it's best.  
These are the ONLY images I could find to show you what I mean.  (Sorry for all the shouting but it's a passionate memory).

Found here at Ian Wong's Webbie

Matching knobs! 

Pilgrim Lee from Draw!Pilgrim

Funkster Lee forwarded me this image:

Via Pinterest from Sadie and Stella - Kate Spades shop

Great wall sista.  Walls musta been a 'thing' as this week as I was also sent this by...

Maddie from Lil'Magoolie

Ticks the colour and pattern boxes.  Via Instagram

Thanks to you all and keep them coming!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Ahhhh hello Spring.  You have burst in on the scene with light, warmth and colour.

Oldey but a goodie - Squint sofa from an old issue of Living etc.

Boy have you been missed.  Let's hope that with new life comes less earthquakes.

It's been a tough old year (the 4th of September marked the one year anniversary of the first of 7500 odd shakes).

Great news also is that our house has now been confirmed to be the "green zone".  That feels good I can tell you that for free.

Onwards and upwards I say.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Winners of the Zoe Ingram Prints!

This is novel - giving the gifts on my birthday!

Anyways.. there are two lucky ducks and they are:

1.  LinaMariePony

She has won this print - Bonjour Bear

2.  Katie Etheridge

She has won this print - It's time for Deer

Congrats to you both (please contact me at with your address and we will sort delivery).

My work is done - I'm off to party like a bear/deer.

NB:  Persons chosen by

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Wish List

Just in-case you are stuck...

Jonathan Adler "Virgo" key ring.  This list just reinforces by Virgoeness really!

LemLem top - in fact anything from them would be fine.

Capsule chair by Ziglam & Brook (from Deadgood)

Coral Bangle from Dinosaur Designs

Retro Neon Art from Neon Boneyard (as I don't have enough colour in my house!)

Tom Bins necklace - I did say WISH list muther funckers

Cactus Chair by Valentina Gonzales Wohlers (found at Amzing Central) - why? well why not I say!

Lets hope that the spikes are optional!

Neon Pink Tags (see I can be cheap too)  from Knot and Bow

Vase by Pierre Charpin ( accessorised with Quake Wax o' course!)

Art by Tim Garwood

Garland from Castle and Things (great things alright)

Mexiccan inspired Swedish designed by Glimpt (found from Dezeen)

Crafty deer heads from Cuckoonest (she's my fav and best - told her to up her prices as she's way too cheap for her skill-to-price-ratio).  Available at Felt NZ

All wrapped in this please!  From draw!pilgrim

Just saying...  A card is fine (not really)