Friday, September 6, 2013

This and that plus a design tip.

Happy Friday!  Not a normal day of posting but it has not been a normal week.

I apologise for being awol with posts, but you only turn 40 once and I certainly have been doing it large.  It's been such an amazing week and I have been showered with well wishes, parties, love and pressies!  I don't know what I was dreading!  

I'm also heading away on Sunday for some well deserved city action in.... New York!  
It will be a heady mix of work, play and instagramming.  Any last minute tips?
Sooooooo there will no posts until 23rd Sept.  You can keep up with my design finds via facebook or my instagram feed.  

Also - can I say another HUGE thank you for the suggestions and feedback about the blog.  There is much change in the air for AFD and it really has helped cement some ideas that have been brewing.  YOU have all made what's about to happen possible, so I just want again say thanks.

Oh and another thing - make sure you check out the latest Your Home and Garden.  There is a ditty from me about 'Directional Design' - don't worry I had to google that too.

Cover shot by Ken Downie

Forgot to ask - anyone watching The Block NZ?  Need to talk about that too when I get back...

In the meanwhile I wanted to leave you with a design tip.  

Images from Wood and Wool Stool and the rug is from Bobo Chases

Put a rug on a wall.  Nothing new but what a great alternative to traditional framed art.  It's nice and big (depending on the rug of course) and you get the bonus of it being textural and something a bit diff.  And we all love a bit of diff.

See you all soon.  Excitement is abound.