Friday, August 27, 2010

Dine by Design - 17 days to go!

Not long now people!  

Alex Fulton Design along with 5 other designers are preparing to blow your socks off at the inaugural Dine by Design series.

It's all part of the Feast of Canterbury foodarama that hits the canterbury region in 4 days time.

Dine by design is just a small part of the whole shabam but it's an exciting chance to wow the public and show how design and dining can join together and make some amazing spaces.

You can come and see for yourselves - free to the public on wednesday the 15th Sept between 4-6pm.  
There is a public vote to come so please come and  support all the designers and enjoy the visual extravaganza that will be on show.

You can also hire out the spaces on the night for a 5 course meal - contact Jamie at Taste Riccerton for details.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alex Fulton Design Furniture

Yes.. I'm tooting my own horn.  

Alex Fulton Design is restoring old furniture and giving them new life!

This is one example of a chair that has been smacked on the seat and restored to way out-shine it's former glory.  I like the idea that it still nods to the era from where once it came, but with a twist... love a good twist.

The fabric on this particular chair is from the No Chintz range of yummo fabrics.

If you like it you can buy it and I will get it to you anywhere in NZ.  You can contact me on  021622900 or

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ooooh la la Elitis

Elitis is a french fabric house that is tres magnific! They have a new range of linens, silk and velvets that are to die for.  

I have picked a few beauties and mix n' matched with a collection of Dulux colours to create a roomscape that inspires images of warm spring breezes and a sense of warmth.

Dark Purple:  Dulux Temuka
Light purple:  Dulux Whangape
Mustard:  Dulux Houhora

Black and White with purple stripe: Mojito Range (Jacquard Velvet) in colour: Pure Sensualite
Tartan:  Harold & Maud Velours, Tartan on velveteen
Linens:  Anjuna Linens - all colourways

They are available through Seneca here in NZ and of course can be ordered through

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Doodle Walls

Like anything, if you keep thinking about something then you should possibly use it or in this case draw on it!  

I first saw this wallpaper "Frames" by UK artists Chris Taylor & Craig Wood a few years ago and I must say that it's never left me.  You can then understand my inner joy when I found out New Zealand Wallpaper aficionados, Paperroom stocked it. Yay.

This wallpaper is the super-combo.  You could leave it blank (with the black on white) or you could cut loose with the crayolla and go nuts - adults and children alike!

Workrooms, bedrooms, or even the loo would be be perfect for this wallpaper.

Contact me if you want to try it out or get a sample!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Spats - Design in a boot

It's a sunny winter's day, fingers of sun are making their way through the windows and I've just fallen love with a pair of boots - or more correctly "Spats".  If I'm going to garden (or pick up the kids from school or meet clients on-site or walk the dog on the beach) I will be doing it my new Spats.

I've just ordered them from the very helpful, Kara at

They come in a variety of colours but I've gone with wine & rose (see above).  You can also get black & white or pink & white.  Too cute.

Donna Wilson - Cushions and Creatures

Donna Wilson is cool.  She's a kooky knitter that has turned her purled creatures into a neat-o brand.  She is a designer done good with her creatures now being re-born in melamine, egg cups, scarves and other household lovelies.

Originally from Scotland, Donna runs a studio and workshop in London. Her hardworking team knit, sew, pack and send out products to individuals and design shops around the world - 25 countries at our last count!  

Donna is even in little ol' New Zealand.  My heart palpated when I recently saw "Stick" the snail in my Christchurch local, Annex.  I love it when that happens - it's design-karma!  Contact  She has an assorted collection including Fox, Owl, Garden, Little House Pillows and more.

Monday, August 16, 2010


wanakaliving is all about nature.  The wanakaliving collection takes wool in its most pure form, and then adds contemporary design elements. By bringing more natural materials into your home, they make nature something for you to enjoy every day, not something you visit every now and then.

I wonder if they do these wool rocks in hot pink...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Home Mountains

I have tiny-weeny obsession with sweden and the colour navy so there is no surprise that I a fell head-over-heels-in-looove with this item from Little Red Stuga

Kebnekaise is a knitted pouf and the highest mountain in Sweden at 2104 m and is situated in the north of Sweden. Now every child (or Adult) can climb it in the livingroom!

MADE IN SWEDEN, Size: Ø 70 cm, Cover: Knitted Oeko-Tex certified cotton, machine washable. Color: darkblue and white, Filling: Seperate pouf filled with polystyrene balls.

Jonathan Alder...I love you and your cushions

I can't resist these groovy wool pillows from my favorite potter, Jonathan Adler! He is the Palm Beach style and anti-depressive aesthetic. Cosy-up in our winter and day-dream about the summer to come.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eames Hang-it-all Limited edition

OOOh I do love a good Eamesing.  The Hang-it-all classic wall hook is now a limited edition yum-yum.  You can order the new walnut and steel version from alexfultondesign...

"Inspired by Charles and Ray Eameses' love for playful furniture and children's toys, the Hang-It-All has been a favourite accessory for nearly six decades. In the home or at the office, this creation reinvented the everyday coat rack and gave true form to function.

The exclusive Select edition, with its black, welded-steel frame and solid walnut hooks, brings sophistication to this already eye-catching display. A complement to modern furnishings, the Select Hang-It-All will be a notable original to cherish for years to come. Now that's something to hang your hat on"

Retail $497.00 + GST.

Orders are being accepted August 2, 2010, through February 15, 2011, or while supplies last.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

children colour combos

I visited my daughters class room today and she showed me the latest class project - koru drawing.  What blew me away was the colour combinations.  The only "rule" the teacher gave the kids was that one colour had to be cold and the other hot.  I loved seeing each childs result - fresh and inspiring!  Let's bring these combo's into our adult life too..

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dine By Design

I'm out to colour-up Christchurch at the upcoming Dine By Design competition.
Come along to Riccarton House from 14th September and check out my design.
Public voting is from 4pm til 6pm on Wednesday 14th Sept
Six rooms, six designers... bringing you six unforgettable dining experiences, come and support me!