Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Donna Wilson - Cushions and Creatures

Donna Wilson is cool.  She's a kooky knitter that has turned her purled creatures into a neat-o brand.  She is a designer done good with her creatures now being re-born in melamine, egg cups, scarves and other household lovelies.

Originally from Scotland, Donna runs a studio and workshop in London. Her hardworking team knit, sew, pack and send out products to individuals and design shops around the world - 25 countries at our last count!  

Donna is even in little ol' New Zealand.  My heart palpated when I recently saw "Stick" the snail in my Christchurch local, Annex.  I love it when that happens - it's design-karma!  Contact anne@annex.net.nz.  She has an assorted collection including Fox, Owl, Garden, Little House Pillows and more.

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