Monday, June 20, 2011

Roll 'n Rocking (again)

Ni hao everybody.  

Excuse me for the tardiness but on our last day in China, news came in that yet another earthquake hit our already ravaged city of Christchurch.  Nicely centered under my community in particular.

I thought it was scary being here during a shake but it's something else being a million miles away and unable to hug your family.  Major suck.

Upshot is that we are all ok - the house has more damage but still livable.  The dog is still on Valium and the dose has increased as he nearly got squashed by a boulder the size of a bus.

Said boulder is outside our next door neighbours house.

Needless to say that last week was a heady mix of jet-lag, anxiety induced aftershocks and weariness.  I could hardly string two words together let alone a blog so that will explain my absence.

I'm hoping to be back all but sporadically.  Time is a great healer (so is toilet humour, great design and block-colour).  

Also a huge thanks to my following friends who continue to support me from afar.  
Love ya's.


  1. I'm so glad everyone's safe and the dog is in a happily medicated place.

    Is that ute bottoms up in the Woolworth's parking lot?

  2. On Ferry Road, just opposite the Seventh Wave wetsuit building. Woolworths no longer open ans has not been since Feb EQ - It's all a shambles! All the cliffs now have containers running along them as the cliffs are so bad. Any jobs out your way?

  3. Absolutely! You'll miss the beach, but boy does Denver have mountains. ;)