Thursday, October 27, 2011

Good Prod: IKEA Klippan 2 seater sofa

This Klippan cutie from IKEA is available via My Flatpack for $699 (NZD).  

If you could get it from an IKEA shop it would only cost ya $299 (AUS).  Ah well.

The Klippan Sofa in Dottevik red - a 30 year old classic

I have mentioned My Flatpack before, as they bring in ALL IKEA products for us poor kiwi's that have no access to the cheap and cheerful world of flatpack swedish goodness.

Rumour on the vag̈ is that this Auckland based company is also opening a showroom so you can buy directly rather than having to wait for your order to come.  Handy.


  1. I wish i can have one oh these. Love Polka dots and so, colours! =)

  2. It looks really comfortable & luxurious
    i love its color.

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