Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's not about faces, just places, spaces: Annon House

Haha.  Do you like my new segment name.  I do - I think it's hilarious!  

(NB:  I am an only child and have learnt from a very early age to entertain myself)

Also I've learnt to write the way I would want to be entertained - anyways I digress.

So here is a space for your eyes to look at...

White-out wood.  I do love white wood.  Much better than wood wood.
Big rooms
Big ceilings
Arty art
That parquet flooring - oh my.
Little gems of colour
old vs new ratio is good
Bulls-eye pillows
Paper bag standard lamps (good lardy me)
Grey paint.  See it doesn't make it feel cold like ya Grandma told ya.

Wood stair rail - paint that bitch out I say
Office chairs for dining table.  No.

So all in all, it's fantazzy.  Apologies as I know not-mucho about about it, as no links.  I did find it over at Diversion Project though.


  1. I now have that song in my head!
    I kinda like wood stair rail, just saying.
    Can you please do a "It's not about faces, just places, spaces"on the house on Grand Designs a couple of episodes ago (with the light up dance floor and gold couch)

    1. God yes!! I fricking loved that house!! I may have to do a "where can you get that shit from" segment. Thanks for the comment - you are allowed to like wood stair rails. Just thought it maybe good in fluro yellow....

  2. Loving these places & spaces - especially the bulls-eye cushions, and the herringbone floor in 2nd to last pic. xxx