Thursday, February 28, 2013

Shop it up: Dear Colleen

Dear Colleen, I love following you on Intagram - I feel like one of the first people on earth to getta glimse at a new drawing or a new idea or product.  

This Bristol born, New Zealand based artist is tops.  I am in awe of her illustration skills and her work ethic.  I'm also a little jealous as she gets to draw for a living.

Her online Etsy store is crammed with fav's that reflect her off beat humour and artistry.

Colleen's studio in Dunedin

She's recently come to the world's attention with an American journalist, Grae Drake, passing on one of her teatowls to the guy that features front and present - Mr Ryan Gosling.  While he turns puce in embaressment, she equally is, and has said that she could only watch the clip once.

  Being made to look like a fan-crazed-gosling-geek, she is not.  She's just a clever artist with a wicked sense of humour.  

"Dishes I'd rather be doing" is up there in my top ten, but there is plenty more magnificent 'Colleen' I love.

Society 6 also makes her illustrations in iphone cases, hoodies, pillows and tote bags!

You can find Colleen on Instagram (dearcolleen) , Etsy and on Blog here.

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  1. Ha, I watched that clip the other day, and laughed. I think he was quietly chuffed! Love Colleen's work, and I'll take Ryan Gosling over the dishes any day of the week x