Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hosted: MillerMcKean Clothing

Recently was lucky enough see the new range by the lovely (and talented) girls from MillerMcKean clothing.  
They asked me to host the launch of their new label to the South Island.  Priv!

Ange Hart and Missy Bayer, the designers.

Silk Kimono tops in colours and patterns

The temporary show-room

It was a super evening where guests could peruse as leisure the yummy sampling they had to offer.  MillerMcKean pride themselves on their sumptuous silk fabrics that delight in brights and flatter in all shades - silk that are made to be worn everyday.

Racks of colours

They are planning to be available online at some stage in the near future but until then you can see the range at Thread in Auckland.  You can find them on Facebook.

Room info:
Walls painted in Dulux, Dance Studio
Faux Zebra Rug from Sallee 
West German Pot Collection - owned by Alex Fulton Design

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