Monday, April 15, 2013

Bloomin' good: Verve Flowers, Marlborough

When I need flowers for a photo shoot, I need flowers that don't look like they from a florist.  I need flowers that look like they have been picked from a garden and cleverly arranged without being too contrived.
(a skill I wish I had, but don't, so out-souring I must!)

One of the exciting parts to moving regions it finding new artisans to feature and boy did I find a goodie with this one.  Actually it was my friend Kirst that put me onto Jeanine Wardman from Verve.

Jeanine is a floral doyenne with an abundance of knowledge and skill which she replicates in her beautiful blooms.  All her flowers are grown on her flower farm based in  Marlborough which must be an oasis of gorgeous growth.

When I called her (abeit last minute) she picked up the challenge to fill our house in flowers for a photo-shoot.  My brief was simple - they had to look like they were 'real'.
All she needed was a quick overview on colors and style and she nailed it the very next day with 8 vases ranging from large to small.  

Her arrangements were interesting and hauntingly beautiful.  They packed the colourful punch I needed without distracting from our home.  

She's good, very good. 
You can find her on facebook and website.  Please have a look-see at her other creations too as they are equally stunning (and more).  


  1. The arrangement in the second image down is particularly wonderful...with the grasses mixed in with the blooms...really lovely.

    1. Thanks Virginia! They really were stunning and hard to capture teh true glory of the blooms! I love your house renovation BTW. Stunning.

  2. Wow, those flowers are amazing. I love the bright yellow! :)

    1. So do I Holly! Nice to briefly meet you over the weekend - what fun!