Friday, May 3, 2013

Flog this Blog: Little Gatherer

I've just come back from a hugely successful (and extremely fun) visit to Sydney.  Let me just say that stars were aligning all over the shop and this website was just one of the celestial treasures I found there.

Little Gatherer is slick.  
It's street cool, full of great content and it's only just come online.  I meet one half of the sister pair that has set up Little Gatherer and I was impressed.  I am impressed.  These girls have nailed their online formula even before it went live.  
(Puts me to shame as mine is still very much a work in progress!)

Simple, with nice clean graphics - makes content standout!  Images from Little Gatherer

Their profile reads:
Little Gatherer is an Imaginarium of gathered and created objects, outfits and images that inspire the small and the young at heart.

This blog is well thought-out with a very cool look - mostly aimed at kids and teens - but don't be discouraged as there most definitely is something there for all design savy individuals.  I especially liked that they have a theme for a week.  This week it's foxes.   
Like I say, very clev.

My two rat bags were photographed for the Little Style 'Street' post - they thought they were pretty hot toast I can tell you!  Image from Little Gatherer

Please go and have a look-see and let me know what you think.  It makes me very happy to see such great content from a new blog-player.  I wish them luck - not that they will need it!

Find them on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest

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