Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I hate trends but love mfamb

As a newbie on the blog front, lately I have been girlie-swotting up a storm on what is out there.  Up till now most blogs are fairly same-same with fairly generic pretty pictures and standard superlatives.

That was until I found "My Favourite and my best".  Jenny really is a girl after my own heart.  She had me in tears with her colourful cussing and full frontal take on design (and her life).  She had when when she got drunk at a Jonathan Adler Vase signing and nearly "pooped" in the loo.  Do read it for yourself.  http://www.myfavoriteandmybest.com/mfamb-home/category/blogger-meet-ups

I also recommend the particularly funny take down of trends
Trends give me "the williams" anyways and many items on the list ring soooooo true.  Personal favs from this section are Bus signs, Burlap, and Foo Dogs.  V entertaining.

She also introduced me to some choice vocab which appealed immensely.  "Fart-tastic", "clusterfuck art" and "decorating out your ass" are just some of my new besties.

Something to aspire to....


  1. Those blogs are great - thanks for sharing! And thank you for listing I ♥ Design on your blog list...hopefully I manage to not always be too 'same same' with my posts!
    Dorothy x