Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kartell Plastic Fantastic

Firstly apologies for not blogging during the week.  Darn earthquake.  But happy to report that the alexfultondesign offices came out fairly unscathed - just a mess to tidy up so we were very lucky compared some poor people.  Our thoughts are with you all!

Anyway - lets crack back into it!

Colour is an obvious friend of mine but these puppies have other features I admire in a well designed product - they are versatile, child friendly and multi-purspose.

They are of course La Boheme from plastic pundits Kartell.  Use as a stool or side-table or to simply define a space.  I love too that they can often be mistaken as glass therefore making it perfect in our "aftershock environment".  Use them for inside or outside living.

Designed by the famous Philippe Starck, who is a brilliant and well known french designer, who has translated his vision into a wide range of objects - from toothbrushes to lamps, from underwear to motorcycles - he has even designed a spaceport for virgin galactic.
Whatever the object, whether as simple as an ashtray, or as grand as a yacht, Philippe Starck always puts his heart into his design and the result is something intelligent that is good even before it is beautiful.

They come in an assortment of colours: Red, Violet, Green, Yellow and Clear
In two different styles: Style 3 (fatter base) and Style 2 (taller stem) and Style 1 (slimmer base), see above images for colours and styles

Pretty reasonably priced too for a designer object that is so handy!

You can order one or more from alexfultondesign 021622900 or you can find them locally (christchurch) from McKenzie and Willis

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