Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tarshtastic Movember

 I can't grow a moustache.  Maybe when I'm old I will but until then I have found some crackerlackers.

I know for a fact that this guy dyes his hair - just look at those eyebrows.  New Zealand company Beardhead  sells these with add on "handlebar" starshes.  They even do one in pink.  Tempted.
Image from Beardheads

Keeping it local - this cheeky mo popped up in the latest Best Awards 2010.  Bravo to Design Director / Heath Lowe

Design Team Tony Bradbourne, Rob Jack, Trevor Powell.
Consultants Michael Redwood, Ben Curran, Daniel Presling, Matt Green. 
Client Neat Spirits Limited.

Mr Vodka ...bums up!
Image from Best Awards

 Design humour time - just like farts, the moustache is an easy-laugh.  These drink-identifiers are classic.
image from Andrew Reeves

Bah ha ha ha (but so commendable)
Image from a Water Polo club - random!

Back to clever design - things that make is smile are always important to me - however silly they seem.

Just imagine these placed under the nose.  These pencils have got the best names... Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django, Clark.  All from Paris based kooky-cats Atypyk.  Their website is filled with nutty designs.
image from Atypyk
So there you go - even if you can't grow one yourself there are many designerey options that will still show your support for men's prostate probs this November.