Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh Boy it's Roy

Indulge me - I'm having a Roy moment.

I love how some of life's throw away comments can change the course of history.  

Roy Lichtenstein's most famous works all stemmed from a comment one of his son's said to him.  "I bet you can't paint as good as that, eh, Dad?"

That was in the early 60's and still to this day his form of "pop art" is still relevant today.

NB: I will only refer to Roy as "Roy" as it's easier to spell

This hallway hook is punchy and adds favour-fav to a would-be dull area.  Check out Pakhuis Oost (they are a blog in themselves).  They make these puppies along with a lot of cool stuff.

image from Living etc blog

Rocking Roy also went interior (which is where I'm heading with all this too).   This is one of his design taken literally by another designer - Prop and set styler guru Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller
If Jeffrey's room above had a bathroom it would probably look like this...
This water-wonder is a colaboration between stripe-saints Missoni and kitchen top marvens Corian.  Heaven in a shoz.  Shoz is the shiz.

image from Corian loves Missoni
BUT this is more like it and how I would possibly interiorerly (is that a word?) nod to Roy's work. Do love an oversized fruit in me lounge.  Its' actually fashionista Max Azria's lounge.

image from Trendland

Subtle nods (and tres utter cleverness) to Roy also seen here from clever cookies India Mahdavi.  Parisian chic, tres bien.

 Designer 1:  "This room needs something and I just don't know what"
Designer 2:  "I know... a jumbo half girl in Resene Turbo would be perfect"
Designer 1: "Wanker... but you are right"

(conversation translated from school girl French)
images from India Mahdavi

Roy when it goes wrong
image from Interior fuck-ups (no link)

Roy when it goes over the top

Roy when it goes right
What will you "Roy" in your life?

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