Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting crafty with it: Hama Bead Frames

Oh I do love a good craft, mostly other peoples, but occasionally I have a wee go.

Usually I leave it up to the multitude of Mofo's out there that actually are good at it and are able to offer more than just a passing fling.  

Ask my Mother - she will tell you that I was always pretty bad at finishing things.  She was the crafty beaver, and usually ended up having to complete my half-assed-attempts.  Sooooo if I do attempt craft it has to be quick, instant gratitudie and fun.

(See what I did there - talking them down in case you hate them and you think I'm a mong)

You need:

Old frames
Paint (for the old frames)
Hama Bead creations (steal from children)
Coloured card

What to do:
Paint, cut, glue, hang (It's not rocket science)

That was probably my first and last craftorial.

Yours, Martha


  1. Cute !!! I can see a whole wall with this work very well !!

  2. Dearest Alex- thanks by the way for your comment about the green walnut liqueur.
    If you have no access to green walnuts, but only to pecan nuts, you could try the recipe below which is very similar to the green walnut liqeur recipe as far as ingredients are concerned!Again, super simple- a sort of put-it-in-and-wait kind of recipe!!

    1 cup brown sugar
    1/2 cup water
    750ml good brandy
    1 cup lightly chopped and well toasted pecans
    1 1/2tsp vanilla
    1/4tsp cinnamon

    Heat sugar and water until sugar is dissolved and let cool. Add all other ingredients and let seep for 6weeks then strain into appropriate container.