Tuesday, August 23, 2011

If you love it so much then marry it: Edna 1 and Edna 3 by Anthony Hartley

Yay, I'm back with another item that I want to wed.  Slutty, I know, but look and you will understand.

Anthony Hartley (UK) has designed crazy-assed draw units that blow my mind.

Called Edna 1 and Edna 3.

They are all like squished lollies oozing.  Yum.

Also look at the interior of those draws.  Behhh.  So good!  
I have a 'thing' for internal things that don't match external goodness, so I give you 11 outta 10 for not being boring on the inside.

Found at:  Follow the colours
(Which is a top notch blog FYI and even better if you can read spanish correction 
Portuguese!  Carol from Follow the Colours told me!)


  1. hey alex! Thanks for follow the colours! I liked a lot your blog too! =) and very happy to see what u wroted here! But its not spanish, it's Portuguese!
    Cheers from Brasil, Carol =)

  2. Oh rats! Sorry about that. Languages not my strong point! All I have to go on is Dora the explorer. Thanks for looking...

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What clever clever drawers ................... xo

  4. Wow, if you are married to them,can I be having an affair with them on the side?!?