Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Best Bathroom: Christoph and Lisa (Berlin) from The Selby

HARK - seeing this bathroom made my heralds certainly sing.

Amongst the xmas blogging maddness I found this most audacious bathroom.

Posted by Candelier Creative and from the eponymous Todd Selby from The Selby

Also Christoph Niemann

My tiler already thinks I'm a fruit requesting coloured grout - I think this would send him over the edge.  Time to find another tiler.

Just so frickin right


  1. Really interesting and informative images. You've certainly outlined your subject with a detailed and comprehensive manner. Some of these links are amazing, love it.

  2. Hi Alex - we just came across your blog and absolutely love it!! And, this bathroom? It's epic. Awesome! :)

  3. Hayho and thank you! Yes this bathroom is a goodie. Thanks for coming to visit..