Friday, December 9, 2011

Something is just not right here: The cushion room

It might be the fact that I've just had my second general Anesthetic for the year but I got some serious 'no-likees' going on for this room.

It is scary and soulless.

It has too many cushions.

Just because you put up silver curtains (ugs), you don't have to use the leftover fabric for more goddamn cushions.

And why is there a mattress and yet another cushion on the floor?

Pet hate #42 is having a TV in the bedroom.

That's all for now you silly room you.

Designer:  Eric Kuster (his catch phrase is Metropolitan Luxury - he's one smooth dutch dude)

Image:  found over at Desire to Inspire - heaps better stuff than above so don't let this image put you off!)

Footnote:  This is my bedroom so you can see why I am what I am (it's also my office for the next couple of days!)  Go bed-rest!


  1. They should have put in a white TV hehehe. I think I can guess where the inspiration comes from - do you remember The Who's movie Tommy - the scene with the baked beans?? Perhaps some baked beans would improve this room?

  2. ugh. tv in the bedroom is gross. also gross: white and cream together, and gold and silver together. i won't have it. and the lumpy lamps and lumpy cushions is upsetting. i think the mattress on the floor might actually be an ottoman at the foot of the bed but geez its all so cramped in there and pointless..

  3. Ha nice calls girls! Baked beans would indeed work!