Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New kid on the block: Sparkk

This is no sponsor - this is just a super company with equally exciting products.

Seriously - the sampling alone had me hyperventilating!

Sparkk was started by The family Rysenbry's.  It seems that textiles and furnishings run in their blood as they originally started Mokum back in 1979.

Having recently sold they have started a new venture which simply and creativity digitally prints onto fabric and wallpaper.

I KNOW RIGHT!  Very exciting for a many reasons.

1.  They don't hold stock and print to order - this means lower $$ and they can stay up to date with current (I hate this word) trends.

2.  They can customise designs and colours to suit a particular project or idea

3.  The have three fabric base-cloth and wallpaper types (to suit the job i.e. upholstery, drapery, bathrooms etc)

4.  The scope!  I mean they can print ANYTHING in ANY COLOUR.  That, my buds, is music to my creative ears....

Lookee look at just some of the designs (over 60 and counting) and colour combo's (165 and counting).  

AND you can order all through me!  


  1. Replies
    1. Yup - I was pretty blown away myself Katie. Can't wait to use it now. I'm working on a bathroom refit and the wallpaper is heavy duty enough to use in a wet area! Peewwwoo!

    2. OMG cant wait to see the bathroom refit! So exciting that its heavy duty enough for the bathroom! im totally obsessed! hehe Oh and I couldnt believe how reasonable it was as well!

  2. Great, I can't wait to explore more. Thanks for sharing. x

  3. Hey Vic - they really are better in true life so if you can get your mits on some sampling then do! The possibilities are endless. They will even look at doing your own designs!

  4. Woweee! We're very excited about this stuff!!