Wednesday, February 1, 2012

To do and not to do: February

Ok.  Here's what happening.

It's February and for no other reason than 'to just do stuff' I have set myself two challenges.

1.  To do
The February Photo challenge from Fatmumslim
I love a good instagram, so having to be told to do one a day couldn't be that hard surely shirley?
We'll see - you can follow my progress on Instagram. Or on my facebook page

2. Not to do
Drinking alcohol that is.
The Febfast.  This  event enables people to come together to give young people with alcohol and drug related problems a second chance at a healthy life.
I would love to tell you I have joined and become all official - no.  BUT I will abstain in good faith (except for a wee break at Rippon Festival this weekend - Shhhh, it's a two year event and I can't be 100% perfect!)

Go me and go you if you want to join me.

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